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Join the North County Wellness Group and other fellow health and wellness enthusiasts for ‘all things wellness’ including lectures, wellness demonstrations, cutting-edge healing modalities and more. All meet-ups will be organized with the goal to naturally heal the body, mind and soul. The setting will be fun, casual, educational and interactive. Practitioners of all modalities are also invited to join and share their knowledge. We provide, teach and inspire healing modalities to achieve optimal health and to balance the body, mind and spirit. We formed to increase community awareness, education and provide access to options for holistic and natural wellness and lifestyle.

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Energy Healing Workshop and Demonstration - FREE

Clearly Unique Wellness

Come join Nathalie to explore the healing benefits of Healing Touch. This relaxing, heart-centered energy therapy uses hand techniques to clear, energize, and balance the biofield supporting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and healing. The goal in Healing Touch is to restore the energy field, facilitating the natural ability to heal and reconnect with your inner-selves and find the spark that will help create balance and harmony in all levels of life. If you have never heard about this amazing healing modality or are curious about how it works, join us to learn about this energy healing modality and see a live demonstration with one lucky guest from the audience. Healing touch offers all a deep state of relaxation as well as numerous health benefits such as: • Calming anxiety and depressive symptoms • Decreasing pain • Strengthening the immune system • Enhancing Recovery from surgery • Complementing care for neck & back problems • Supporting cancer care • Deepening spiritual connection • Creating a sense of well-being • Easing acute & chronic conditions This meetup is free. Donations will be honored and accepted.

Cosmic Enlightenment & Healing for the Body, Mind and Soul - FREE

Back by popular demand! The North County Wellness Group and Village Wellness are excited to introduce you to Pleiadian healing; a highly advanced form of spiritual healing that works on a multi-dimensional level. Allow yourself to step outside of reality, space and time as we know it, working on much higher planes of existence than other healing practices which we currently utilize. Are you ready to: - Be open to new ways of achieving enlightenment, guidance and self-realization? - Change your life for the better? - Discover new ways of spiritual exploration? - Quickly remove old programming and beliefs? - Connect with your higher-self more easily? - Awaken to a new way of living and thinking? and - Learn how to protect yourself from negative energy? You are in for a special treat with your host, Ariah Velasquez, Pleiadian/Taoist Healer and Transpersonal counselor will present how one can heal using Pleiadian light work, connect with your guides for information and clear organs through bliss. Ariah will demonstrate how a typical session and healing works. Tea and snacks will be provided. Free - Donation-based

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