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We'll meet and discuss C++ topics of the day. Sometimes casual, sometimes with a specific agenda.

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Slow Coding - Ben Deane and A View to a Thing - Jason Turner

We're going to do a double feature this week! (Followed by the normal happy hour, of course!) ------- Ben Deane Slow Coding or, The Blacksmith and Gardener In this talk, I look at programming as an activity of invention and a creative endeavour. I contrast the "forging of code" style problem-solving that we do with a more reflective approach, recognising and trying to draw out the experiences that we've all had where solutions seem to come to us organically. I offer some techniques for encouraging the use of our whole brains in solving problems rather than just the analytical approaches we typically associate with programming. ------- Jason Turner A View to a Thing We're going to do a quick exploration of a use case for lambdas - type erasure. The goal is to see if we can make a `map_view` type that can take any map-like thing by reference, giving a stable interface and avoiding templates in our function definitions. If we succeed, code like this should compile: void use_map(map_view) std::map m; use_map(m); std::unordered_map m2; use_map(m2); boost::flat_map m3; use_map(m3);

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