What we're about

North Devon Friends is a group for people in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond.

It is a great place to make new friends whilst having fun, and is for:

• singles

• couples

• young

• old (but young at heart!)

• new people in town

• locals who just want to explore their 'own back yard'

• anyone who just loves North Devon!

• anyone who wants to broaden their social life

At this time, North Devon Friends is run by volunteers, both financially, and with regard to the time taken to Organise and Host events.

You are invited to contribute to either or both. You are welcome to be a passive member too, but the group will remain sustainable, the more members that actually contribute!

I invite you to consider if you would like to Organise just one event per month. This could be almost anything, but most important is that it should be an event you would like to be a part of, and would like more friends to join you! It could be as simple as a pub meet or meal, a walk or cycle ride, or something more unique and interesting! If you are interested, please message me. To safeguard the membership as much as possible, we would expect you to attend a couple of other events first, so that you can get 'known' before you add your first event.

Alternatively, as a 'free' group, I encourage you consider what value North Devon Friends could bring you. As such, you are invited to contribute just £1 a month to help with the overhead costs such as payment for the 'Meetup' platform.

You can contribute by following the link below:


Whatever you choose... Welcome!

"Small print"

If you choose to join us on any event, please be aware that some events carry more risk than others. You are are welcome to join us on any of our events, but in doing so, you accept that you do, at your own risk.

If you are unsure what risks an event may bring, please ask. Risks can range from dietary needs, to slips, trips and falls, and worse. If you are still unsure, then sadly, we would advise you to stay at home.

Please be aware that we encourage photos to be taken at events, and these my end up posted in various places such as social media. If you specifically do not want your picture posted, then it is your responsibility to discuss this with the person taking or posting the photograph.

Children over the age of 12 are welcome at some of our events, but please check specifically with the Event Host, to ensure the event is suitable. If you do bring children to an event, they will fully remain your responsibility to ensure that they act appropriately, and remain safe.

You are also welcome to invite along a friend or friends, but it is your responsibility to ensure they understand the contents of this "Small Print".

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