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What we’re about

NGDS is not a club.  No dues, no officers, no meetings outside of group rides, and very few rules.  Just show up and ride.  No need to RSVP on this site or even be a member.  No guarantees who or if anyone will show up.  Use this site to contact me or other members if you have any questions, but just go have fun.  
Legal blah, blah

Only you are responsible for your safety.  There are no promises, implied or otherwise, that you can't get hurt or killed riding a motorcycle anytime.  Every single action and decision you make while on a group ride is yours alone.  No one else in the group, nor the group itself, nor, has any liability in case of an accident.  The rides are not "club events" at all, but just a group of individuals choosing to ride together at the same time.  We use this site only for communication before and after rides.
The few rules
Every ride includes public paved and dirt forest service roads, and every motorcycle must be tagged and insured.  Follow all the rules of the road, including speed limits when near camping areas, etc.
Respect property.  We are guests wherever we go.
If you bring a truck or trailer, park it so others can maximize the space (don't leave your ramps down).
No wheelies, burnouts, or horseplay in parking lot or immediate area.
Do not harass or even engage with hikers, bicyclists, horsemen, jeepers, or anyone else on the forest service roads who might be acting like a jerk.  Let them be.  Turn the other cheek.  Smile and wave.
Do not intimidate less experienced riders.  Encourage them.  We were all beginners once.
When in doubt, act like a decent human being.