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Since 2015, NGPN is founded and led by permaculturists who have hands on experience and have received their PDC's (permaculture design certificate). We learn together about the big picture of permaculture principles and the particulars of permaculture strategies; to engage in hands-on projects; and to generally share our goals, excitement, common interests, and energy. We’ll learn more, dream bigger, and get more done as a result of coming together!

So what is permaculture, anyway?

Permaculture is an ethical design system for supplying human needs by creating resilient, abundant places patterned after nature. It is guided by three ethics 1) people care, 2) earth care, and 3) return of surplus for people care and earth care. Permaculture practices restore fertility to degraded land and make sustainable harvests possible. Each element of a permaculture system contributes to all the rest and receives benefits in turn. Permaculture is not limited to a design system for growing a better orchard or garden; it also encompasses all elements of a property design, including housing and energy, and can supply a framework for conceptualizing other human systems.

Jump in and introduce yourself. Whatever your level of experience, you'll find the resources and amazing people here to help you in your journey.

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Permaculture Research Institute Online PDC
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This is the newly redesigned Geoff Lawton course. 26 weeks full of videos, animations, field trips, and blackboard lectures. Participants will complete assignments and participate virtually with Geoff and the hundreds of other students, and will submit a "final" presentation- a full permaculture design of their choice! The course starts December 30, but you can enroll a bit later if you need to, and it'll be pretty easy to catch up. For those of you who did the roaming PDC viewing last winter- this course has been COMPLETELY redesigned! We've seen previews and it is tremendously more engaging and informative. $997 per participant, although a household can take it together as one, you'll only get one name on one certificate. Follow this link to sign up. https://www.discoverpermaculture.com/a/2991/86rpKCet

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