Summer Gateways 2017!

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Price: $80.00 /per person

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Summer Gateways 2017 will be held in the Houston, TX area over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29).

Location details will be sent to those who RSVP.

This is the sixth year for Summer Gateways!


The target audience is primarily metaphysical, with a secondary focus on Otherkin.

This meetup is being posted to the North Houston Otherkin meetup group and It has also been discussed at some of the pagan and otherkin events in the Austin and Houston areas.

We're expecting both Otherkin and Pagan attendees.

What Happens?

The focus will be on metaphysical practice and community building.

There will be workshops on various metaphysical topics, including things like energy work, meditation, and projection skills.

Most of our workshops include both discussion and practice. We believe in learning-by-doing, so our workshops are normally meant to be experienced, not just heard.

There will be one Main Event each night of the gather. Main Events are like workshops, but usually run longer, and are a bit more intense.


The workshops at Summer Gateways are a mix of introductory and intermediate techniques.

The workshop list is still open. If there is something you've seen in the past that you'd like to see again, or if you have ideas for leading a workshop, please let the organizers know.

There will be both indoor space and outdoor space for workshops. (Indoor space is usually better for meditation and projection type workshops.)

Main Events

There will be three main events, one each on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. The Friday night event will be a group working for opening the gather. The events for Saturday night and Sunday night are not yet set.


The organizers are Dan and SidheLady.

Dan has been teaching workshops at Otherkin/Metaphysical gathers since 1999, and helping coordinate Otherkin/Metaphysical gathers since 2001.

SidheLady has been helping coordinate Otherkin/Metaphysical gathers since 2003, and teaching workshops since 2009.

There will probably be a few workshops led by other attendees; if you have an idea for something you would like to lead, please let us know!

Site Information

We were able to get the site we normally use.

We have reserved a site that holds about 14 in cabins. (We've discovered that almost no-one likes to tent camp in Texas in the Summer, so we no longer reserve tent camping spaces.)

We have the site available for attendees starting at 4PM on Friday, and we have to be out by Noon on Monday.

(Yes, that means don't show up at 3PM on Friday - we have to get the keys, and do some setup before anyone else arrives.)

Details on the location will be sent to those who register to attend.


We will be providing basic meals from Friday dinner through Monday breakfast, included in the cost of the weekend.

Lunch on Monday is not covered, and usually is at a restaurant somewhere nearby.

If you have special dietary needs, please let the organizers know.

We can easily accommodate some requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.), but some may be more difficult.

Cost Information

The cost is $80 per person for the weekend. That covers site fees, parking, lodging, and meals.

Cost Disclaimer

We don't make money on these events; actually, we usually lose money.

This is pretty much at-cost pricing, and we absorb any loss.

Age Restrictions

This gather is targeted at adults.

Attendees normally are over 18, with most being in their 20s to 40s. We have had a few who are younger, and some of us are older.

Teenagers under 18 are OK with prior approval, if a parent or legal guardian is present.

We don't have enough attendance to provide child-care, but younger children are welcome as long as their parents care for them.

Most of what we do does not exactly fit into the "fluffy" category, and young children would be out of their depth in the workshops. We have had a few teenaged minors do OK in some workshops in the past.

Pets Restrictions

The site allows pets only outdoors (not in cabins), and only on leashes.

You're welcome to tent-camp and bring a pet, as long as you abide by those restrictions.

If you do, you will need to make your own campsite registration. Talk with us for details.

Behaviour Restrictions

Attendees are expected to act responsibly, treat others well, and help with cabin, cleanup, and dinner chores. There will be a signup sheet for cleanup and dinner chores.

Poor behaviour will not be tolerated. That includes treating other attendees as energetic snack-food. In those types of situations, the offender(s) will be asked to leave, with no refund(s) provided.

Contact Info

RSVP for the meetup to register.

Questions can be posted on meetup, or you can contact Dan or Sidhelady.