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This group will host open sketch classes where artists, students, or anyone, can work from a nude model. It will be a 3 hour session consisting of short and long poses. It will not be instructed and all skill levels are welcome. There will be a mix of male and female models. If there is sufficient interest, the class will be held once a week, on Saturday, from 10AM to 1PM. I have room in my studio for 6 people besides myself.

Although the class will have a relaxed and congenial atmosphere, the focus will be on drawing, not socializing. As a courtesy to the other students, no talking will be allowed while the model is posing, and cell phones must be turned off. Talking is of course permitted during the breaks between poses. Music will not be played during the class. In classes where this is the case, I have always found it distracting.

The model will be lit by a single spotlight, to give a strong light and shade pattern. This is typical for classical figure painting and drawing.

The format for the class will be as follows:

10 one minute poses

3 five minute poses

five minute break

1 ten minute pose

1 fifteen minute pose

5 minute break

1 twenty five minute pose

10 minute break

3 twenty five minute poses with five minute breaks in between

No Show Policy; There is limited space available for this class and so I ask that you please do not sign up unless you are sure you can come. By signing up you are reserving a seat in the class. If you don't show up that seat will be empty, and thereby denied to someone else who wanted to attend. A "No Show" means that you sign up and then don't show up, without having taken your name off the list or contacted the organizer in any way. After a first "no show" you will receive a polite notice from the organizer informing you that you now have one "no show" on your record. A second "no show" and you will be politely asked to leave the group as it appears it is not important to you. A third "no show" and you will be removed from the group.

My studio is in Fincastle, just a couple of minutes off route 220.

If you are interested in modeling for this group please contact the organizer

No Show Policy: A "no show" is when you sign up for the event and then do not show up, without taking your name off the list or contacting me in any way. Sorry, but I've lost all patience with "no shows". Two "no shows" and you will be removed from the group. I will no longer be sending warnings after the first "no show".

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Figure Drawing Class

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Figure Drawing Class

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