What we're about

You’re a great mum and you love your children. Your time and energy has been invested in nurturing them allowing them to grow and shine. But isn’t it time you shone some of that light on yourself?

Do you want more out of life - more energy, more fun and more love?
Do you want to do what you love each day?
Do you want to improve your health, wellness and be kinder to yourself?

I created this group as I am a mum and a life coach who is passionate about supporting women who want more for themselves, who want change and who want to work on their aspirations and goals. By attending this group you will be able to incorporate tips and techniques into your daily life which will help you become the person you've always wanted to be and to create the life that you want for yourself. I will be speaking on the following topics:

How to....

Create time for yourself
Balance your needs with your families needs
Become more confident
Put yourself first without feeling guilty
Love yourself more.
Connect with yourself and be authentic
Stop people pleasing
Set goals for the life you really want.
Stop limiting beliefs getting in your way.
Find your passion in life.

In this group you will be joining other like- minded ladies on a journey of personal discovery where the focus and discussions will be all about YOU. Simply put, the greatest gift any mother can give her child is to be happy and fulfilled as we all know children learn not from what they are told but what they shown. I hope to see you there!