What we're about

We're a friendly walking group based in Barnet, North London. Our events are generally non-profit making and are run by volunteers. Our membership fees contribute towards the running of the group.

Our activities - Each year we organise:

• About 15 walking weekends away from London throughout the year, staying mainly in YHA accommodation or similar, all over England and Wales with the occasional trip abroad.

• About 20 day walks on Saturdays or Sundays throughout the year and occasional half day walks. These are usually in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Essex. For most walks we offer car sharing from Barnet to travel to the start of the walk (passengers pay their driver a contribution towards the transport cost).

• About 20 weekday evening walks, from April until early September. These are usually in north London or south Hertfordshire.

• About 50 social evenings on Tuesdays at Discovery Hall in East Barnet, from 8-10pm, followed by an optional visit to a local pub.

That's over 100 events each year! You can participate in as many or as few as you like, it's entirely up to you.

Our walks

We set a limit to numbers on Meetup to avoid having too many on a walk. On most day walks or evening walks, between 10 and 20 people attend, or occasionally up to about 25 on a popular walk. These include those who RSVP through Meetup and some annual members.

On YHA weekends away we normally have 8 - 12 or occasionally 15 - 18 on a popular weekend.

Annual membership

Anyone can join our Meetup group free of charge, then you can attend THREE of our events (day/evening walks, weekends away or Tuesday evening social meetings) free of charge (apart from any transport cost or accommodation cost).

After your 3 free events, you need to apply for annual membership if you wish to take part in further walks or other Group activities. You can continue to attend events while your membership application is pending.
Annual membership costs £24 for a full year from 1st November 2017 to 31st October 2018. Annual membership costs are halved for members under 18 or other concessions (see membership application from for details). This allows you to attend as many day/evening walks, weekends away or Tuesday evening social meetings as you like.

Advantages of annual membership:

• A Group email list where members can send an email to all other members about walks, weekends away or other events that they are organising such as cinema visits or meals out.

• An 8 - 12 page monthly newsletter called 'Footprint'. Printed copies are available at our Tuesday evening meetings and it is also available online (see below).

Further information

Please visit our website at www.northlondonoutdoorgroup.org. There you can find:

• Our full programme of activities including day walks, weekends away and Tuesday socials

• The public version of our monthly newsletter 'Footprint' (in Downloads > Public Newsletters (http://www.barnetyha.org/downloads/public-newsltrs/))

• A membership application form (in About Us > Membership Details (http://www.barnetyha.org/about-us/membership-details/))

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