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• Come along to our fortnightly photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.

• Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a casual photo walk with other local photographers. No formal lectures, just a chance to meet-up, share ideas and receive feedback!

• All of our sessions are hosted by a professional photography instructor, who is there to help you improve your photo skills and get more out of using your camera.

• Booking essential! Book your spot via the website here ( https://NorthLondonPhotographyGroup.co.uk/ ) . The exact meeting point will be sent to you in the booking confirmation email. No cash payments or walk-ups are accepted on the day.

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Landscape Photography Meetup - Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath park - 9am

Needs a location


Settings: maximise the depth of field / use a narrow aperture. May need to take shutter speed down and ISO up a little.
Finding a spot that has a foreground and background interest. Think carefully about where you place your camera and tripod.
Take your time. There's no need to take hundreds of shots at this session, it's all about taking the time to see and record the landscape around you.
What is the sky doing. If it's bland and no contrast, then don't let it dominate your frame. It is always good to have a slice of sky so that it can help [U 0091]break up' the composition in a good way - think rule of thirds.
Keep an eye on the horizon! Keep them level and watch where you are placing them in the frame - on one of the thirds is best.

Price: and pound;18

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