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This group is for those that have lost someone very close such as a family member or who are nearing a point where they are mentally trying to cope, prepare themselves and come to terms with a loved one that is not expected to have much longer to live. Maybe you have faithfully stood by someone through many illnesses over years or even decades yet there comes a point where you've done all you can either as a Family Caregiver or just as a loving & devoted relative, spouse or significant other and their age and/or health conditions are just catching up and things are getting worse and you know it is inevitable that the time they will be leaving this earth may be near.

This also has to do with ourselves as much as it has to do with them and the loss we have experienced in and with ourselves and the many changes or bodies & minds have been through as well as a result of being truly devoted and committed to standing by & supporting this person that has meant so much and has been near and dear to our hearts and that we have done everything for to try and help them with. If you have suffered health problems as a result from the stress of caring for or losing someone close to you then you also have a place here because you have lost as well more than just someone close, but part of yourself as well is gone too now and you have sacrificed and given your health in many ways to try and help, comfort or support someone that meant a lot to you and now you are left perhaps with no one in your life now and need help, support & caring for YOU!

Sometimes we can lose ourselves slowly over time without even realizing it or we may notice signs but overlook them and think we can just keep going at the same pace a little longer and then a little longer more and before we know it we are not the same person anymore because all of ourselves and emotions we gave and placed into our deep caring and concern for our loved one. And now it's time to try and begin putting the pieces back together in our own lives but nothing is fitting anymore everything is off balance and out of sync and isn't fitting anymore like it once did and our own rhythm and flow that kept our own lives moving forward and the direction & path we were on for ourselves seems like it's been permanently damaged or broken and that this major detour we took has led us so far off from who we were and where we were going and seems to be out of sight and lost & gone forever! When you've lost who you are or were because of circumstances out of your control and to sacrifice for someone else and then when they are gone being left all alone with no one to lean on and help you get your life back this can be very scary and cause a lot of anxiety and sense of being powerless and that you have lost too much to ever get it back again. How can you when it's been gone for so long and nothing is the same anymore and you no longer have the life you once had built for yourself that was everything you needed and now you have nothing ??? Well this is the ultimate issue at hand that we all are facing in one way or another and hopefully we can find ways through this group of feeling and being less alone and bringing those things back in our lives that are missing one piece at a time :-) they may not be the same pieces yet they may still fit where we are now to help us begin again and not necessarily starting over yet beginning again and starting a new Chapter in our lives and discovering and realizing together that it "IS" possible ............

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