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If you have suffered mental and/or emotional abuse by a narcissist then this group is for you. This can either be having great difficulty being able to cope after being constantly belittled and emotionally beaten down and being subject to this by a former partner, or years and perhaps even decades of this kind of abuse from a close relative or parent that you have tried to love dearly even though they treat you horribly! Nothing you do is ever good enough even though you have bent over backwards many times to please this person or people, and you are always wrong and they are always right (in their mind) and they even tell lies and make up stuff and accuse you of things that they themselves do that they are too insecure and small on the inside to deal with.

Yet we have always had to be the bigger one's, the ones that are the leaders and & protectors that hold everything and everyone together and to be their emotional security blanket as well but never do they care about our needs or how we are doing. These are all signs of narcissistic abuse plus many more that I didn't mention.

It can be very difficult to share things when we have been through any kind of abuse and trying to build that trust again with others, most of whom will probably never treat us as poorly and with such disregard for our personal feelings and own well being as the narcissist has. But I just wanted to offer a place to begin and let the victims of this across the Northwest Puget Sound region know that we stand here united and you are not alone.

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