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What we’re about

We all have a lot to do and focus on, so why not have a group of ladies who enjoy chick lit books and being social, where it is just an escape! We can meet up, enjoy some fun books, some wine and food and just have a good time! We are low on structure, high on fun. We enjoy light books, and and fun conversation

We meet once a month to discuss, talk, have cocktails and make friends! We do not have any rules per say, just that you be kind to your fellow "chickies" and attend any events you sign up for...

Feel free to bring any books you are done reading, and are ready to pass along.

Happy Reading!


How many people come to each book gathering?

We have an RSVP limit of 20 people for each event to allow each of us to have our say and make the meetings manageable.

What if I RSVP and then don't turn up?

If you RSVP 'Yes' twice and then don't turn up (or don't let me know in advance that you're not coming), your membership of the group will be revoked. Each time you take up a spot, you are stopping someone else from coming.

Is there a cost for each meetup?

Once every 6 months we are charged for this website, so there will be a $12 annual dues.  Your first 30 days is free. 

What is this 'waiting list' all about?

As mentioned above, we will limit the number of people attending each meet up but if you want to come to the meetup, and it's full, you can add yourself to the waiting list. If you do add yourself to any waiting list, I recommend you still read the book in case you end up coming along.

What if I'm on the waiting list and don't get to attend ?

If there are enough people on the waiting list then I will consider running more than the 1 meet up each month in order for everyone to attend. In an ideal world it would be good for us all to meet together but I don't think we would have a chance to all have our say with more than 20 people at each meet up