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Do you like to hike but want to enjoy nature and the outdoors along the way as opposed to feeling like it's a race? Perhaps you've tried some of the other hiking groups and find them to be too advanced or just not enjoyable due to the pace. I'm creating this group for those of us that love the outdoors and hiking but prefer it be at a slightly slower pace. Additionally, this group will accommodate those that need to go slower on the more difficult parts of the hikes. Inclines and rocky patches. We may take more breaks for drinking water than other groups normally would. Our goal is to enjoy ourselves while we enjoy our passion of hiking and being outdoors.

Our primary activity will be hiking, trail walking and city walking but as a group, we may decide to add other activities. This group is a brand new idea which may evolve over time.

Who AM I.. to start a group such as this:
I am a person whose fitness level has fluctuated through the years. I've been very athletic, completing several half marathons and a Tough Mudder in my past. I've also had years of being very out of shape and battling injuries with my feet. My focus now is to engage in fitness activities that call to my love of the outdoors. The plans you see in this meetup are simply the plans I'm making for myself. And I thought there just might be others out there that would have the same desire. If so, please come join me. I'd love to have company on my adventures. We'll likely do approximately 1 to 2 hikes a month. I'd like to keep the hikes to smaller groups. No more than 10 - 15 so as to enable the atmosphere of a comfortable hike at a comfortable pace. Also, I'm fairly new to the area. So it's highly possible that I'll be doing any planned hike for the fist time when we do a planned hike. Anyone on the hike with knowledge of the hike, please feel free to share for the benefit of us all. Over time I will have experience for these hikes and can share with newbies at that time. I'm not there yet.

I am not a professional hiking guide. I have experience hiking. I've previously lived in Atlanta and Seattle. I've done hikes in those cities with a similar group that I'm creating here. Yes, there were groups that were more advanced in both those cities. But I wanted to enjoy myself and go at a pace that was more conducive to also enjoying the surroundings. Additionally, I did not want to do the more difficult hikes at a fast pace and with the pressure of keeping up. On the hikes I'm planning, I am able to help if anyone gets hurt or gets stung by a bee etc. But it's everyone's own responsibility to be safe. No one in this group is liable for another. Each person is responsible for themselves and their own safety. The good news is that it's safer to hike in numbers so you would have support.

Who should Consider Joining:
--Those looking for easy to moderate hikes. Moderate hikes may at time be defined as technically challenging but we'll go slow. Please be sure to read the description of each hike carefully.
--Those understanding we will adjust our pace on every hike for the for the difficult portions of the hikes.
--Those that understand this is not a professional group but are looking for others to join them for comfortable (not fast paced like a race) hikes.
--Those that are in shape enough to do approximately 20 - 30 miles a week in some fashion (walk, treadmill, running etc). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT...PLEASE BE COMFORTABLE AT THIS LEVEL! We may not move as though we are racing but some of these hikes are still technically challenging.
--Those new to hiking (please note you still need to be in enough shape to do these. See bullet point above)
--Those that have the goal of joining some of the other hiking groups that are more advanced but need the practice before doing so.

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