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Welcome to the Project Data Analytics Community. We created this meet up to share best practise on leveraging data within a project, programme and portfolio environment. We all know that data has the potential to transform how projects, programmes and portfolios are delivered, but practical implementation constraints often prevent the full value from being realised. This meetup will explore some of the challenges at the intersection of data analysis and project, programme and portfolio management and discuss how practitioners are working to resolve them, underpinned by real world examples.

We'll also explore how machine learning and AI can help to resolve some of the challenges at the intersection of project / programme management and big data.

The NW Project Data Analytics Meetup expands the hugely successful London Project Data Analytics community across the country.

Please check out our community site at http://projectdataanalytics.uk . We are in the process of refreshing it but it will have details of events, community news, videos, slides, blogs and a series of resources on how to get started in project data analytics.

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Interactive Event: The Road to Project Data Analytics Greatness, in 2 hours

The Road to Project Data Analytics Greatness is back! After popular demand, we have decided to rerun our interactive session for those who couldn't attend!

Within this session James Smith, PhD will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete.

We will cover everything that we'll need in our armoury to adapt over the coming years. From Power BI to automation, data pipelines to Python. We will explain why we'll need it, what we can do with it and how to go about it all in a practical manner. Doesn’t this sound like IT?! We don’t think so -these capabilities are becoming mainstream and a key part of our future project delivery roles.

The Power of Data Persuasion: Optimising your Data-driven Business Case

When extracting insights from project data, a symptom of not understanding the problem statement, is that we often get overwhelmed and dive in without any substantial planning. We end up with several shallow takes on what our data might suggests, but we lack the depth to support and really drive our business case.

This talk will showcase the importance of meticulously planning your approach to optimise your implementation of data analytics. Rishi will provide a demonstration in identifying the use case, conceptually designing a data model, understanding the metrics and designing powerful visualisations.

Speaker Bio:

Rishi is a consultant in the Analytics Experience team at Avanade with a keen interest in Power BI Governance, effective data modeling, and self-serve architecture. His implementations have an increased focus on adoption, monitoring, and rollout strategies.

He leads the delivery of strategic and insightful reporting solutions for global FTSE 100 companies. A Data Platform MVP and Chartered Accountant by background, Rishi brings together this financial and analytical prowess to design BI solutions that drive impactful decision-making. He also runs Power Platform Finance and Learn Data Insights communities.

Will Project Data Analytics Reinvent Risk Management?

Online event

Will Project Data Analytics Reinvent Risk Management?

Risk management has existed for decades. But how many times do we go back and analyse how many times we got it right? How good were we at managing risk? We leave a forensic data plume that evaporates, yet it contains a huge amount of insight. Rather than relying on expert judgement, can we use risk to augment our instinct and counter inbuilt bias? What will the impact of this be on traditional project based risk management roles?

Within this session Sue Kershaw, President of the APM, will be chairing a panel discussion on the how advanced data analytics will impact the role of risk management within the project delivery profession. Is this a bump in the journey or will we need to totally reinvent the discipline? Hear from some of the experts in their field including:

Andy Murray, Director of the Major Projects Association
Richard Bendall-Jones, Risk and Value Manager, Network Rail
Roy Millard, Founder and Deputy Chair, APM Assurance. Owner of P3 Risk and Assurance
Martin Paver, CEO of Projecting Success and founder of the Project Data Analytics Community
Dev Amratia, CEO of NPlan

What does this mean for all of us in the project profession and what do we need to do to prepare for this future?

Some suggested topics include:
How are the panel approaching this area generally?
How will the technical companies involved adapt to the shift towards data driven risk management?
How should people prepare for this future?
How do we get enough data to drive high-end analytics?
Will this shine a light on personal performance; how well companies manage risk?

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