Conscious Coding Practice: The Three Concrete Steps

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Join us this month for a fully-remote talk from Noah Gibbs — Conscious Coding Practice: The Three Concrete Steps

You feel guilty about not knowing enough “Computer Science”. But that isn’t what you’re still missing in your coding. If you could just pick up any problem and solve it, you wouldn’t care if you used a formal-sounding algorithm to do it.

There’s a way to get that “fingertip feel” for coding. And it comes from mindful, conscious practice.

Sounds abstract, doesn’t it? Instead, it’s very simple, specific and concrete. We’ll go over the basic steps, the pitfalls, and how to do it. It works whether you’re a beginner or an expert. You’ll be able to create coding studies for yourself, not just find other people’s exercises that are already worked out for you.

This talk is in Ruby. But the technique works with any language, library or paradigm. It's also good for pairing.

If you'd like to attend, you must register here. We'll send out the meeting details on the day via Meetup, but in the meantime make sure you are set up and ready to go by downloading and installing the Zoom client: If you don't want to install the Zoom client there is a web client, but it's not as fully featured and you'll still need to sign in with a Zoom account to use it.

## About the speaker

Noah Gibbs has been a Ruby Fellow for AppFolio, working on the core Ruby language and related tooling. These days he's an independent entrepreneur/author/dev. After over 30 years of communicating with computers, Noah now believes that communicating with humans may not be a passing fad, and he's trying it out.

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