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Workshop, Wed, 8/22, 6:30 -Define & Empower Your New Personal Story, Plainville
Join us for an interactive, hands-on workshop of self-reflection and future planning to define and empower your story! Limited RSVPs, grab your spot now. Wed, August 22nd, 6:30pm-8:30pm in Plainville! A Thought Workshop for Defining and Empowering a New Personal Story • Are you in transition or expecting a transition and not sure where to go from here? • Are you looking to reconnect with yourself? Figure out what it is that you want in your life? • Is it time to take inventory of your life, where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go? Your facilitators will guide you through a short presentation that includes a series of practical tools and exercises that will allow you to begin to Define and Empower Your New Personal Story. See below what others have said about this workshop! This is designed to “get back to basics” and will provide a strong starting point for you to continue on your new, empowering story after you leave the workshop. You will leave with a greater sense of clarity as you plan the next phase of your life journey. You will receive hands-on materials to follow along with and to keep for future use. In order for you to take full advantage of the workshop, we will also be providing a packet for you to take home with you. This event is $20 cash at the door please. Your facilitators are an Organizational & Learning Development professional (Margaret, who has provided complimentary workshops for this Meetup group over the past year) and a Certified Master Life Coach & Group Facilitator of Socially Speaking LLC (Marla Genova). We are excited to meet you! Due to time, resources, materials and scheduling commitments, please do everything in your power to keep your promise of your RSVP. Much appreciation! What others are saying: This workshop helped me identify what I want to resolve to move forward in my career and personal growth. ~B.W. This dug deep to bring forward our life journey, to know you are important, and to take time to get to really know and love yourself. This was a reminder that we are all searching and not alone on this journey. ~Carl P. “It was very helpful in discovering roadblocks in your life.” ~M.Z. Thank you for an awesome workshop. It put the spark back in me to concentrate on my journey towards Holistic Health Career. ~Amy H. During the workshop, I decided to go to grad school and start volunteering. ~Abby B. An insightful journey in a safe and comfortable environment. ~Casee M. This is a great eye opener. It brings out important thoughts buried within. ~Bob S. Great facilitators, felt very comfortable, awesome job! ~Angela S. The workshop is informative, and provided much food for thought. ~Kim C.

Plainville Public Library

56 East Main Street · Plainville, CT


What we're about

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. ~ Helen Keller

Hello! I have lived in the Northeast area before, and recently moved to CT from the Dallas, TX area. There are a lot of treasures in the Northeast, from History, outdoor adventures and many others that we can do and enjoy in this area (and beyond) that don't cost a lot of money, that we can do from afew hours, to a day or more.

I have created this group for Dave & I to be able to do with others those activities on our bucket list, that we have wanted to do but have not had the chance to, or we have been afraid to do. Its to also share with others activities and events we have done before, and learn about other activities that we would like to do, to take me and others out of our comfort zone into new adventures.

This group will be for all members to participate, since everyone has that one or more thing(s) that they have always wanted to do, and perhaps put off due to being afraid, or not having others to do it/them with. Therefore if you have an idea/suggestion for an activity on your bucket list please let us know. An event will be created, and you most likely will host that activity event, or we can find someone to do it for us.

Activities where children can be involved will be indicated as such, and if age specific to also indicate so. This will also be family friendly when activities can be so.

As such all members joining are REQUIRED TO POST A CLEAR PICTURE of themselves: For security reasons, organizers to know who is going to the event, also many times there a many members with the same common names and so differentiating for organizers is good, and also being a social group so others know who you are.

Some of the activities or events will be:

- Organize and or host an event: Any event, Charity event

- Horse back riding

- Budgee jumping

- Sky diving

- Zipling

- Learning Salsa Dancing, ball room dancing, Country dancing or any other kind of dance

- Going to a museum, and museum events

- Visiting historical sites: In an around the northeast area and or beyond (Alot to do with the Beginning of this country In PA, Newport Mansions, NY

- The Rockefeller house and grounds, several artists' homes, and the like...etc.)

- Trying out new and different foods from different parts of the world

- Wine tasting

- Learning about different cultures via events, adventures, food and the like

- Camping and other camping activities; Hiking in mountain ranges or similar; tough mudder racing

- National Parks visits(local and elsewhere)

- Kayaking, surfing, water-balloning, Fly-fishing, water rafting, Skiing

- Running a Marathon of any distance

- Hot air-ballooning, Whale-watching

- Six-Flags, Water-parks, even Disney-themed parks (For those that might fancy)

- Boston duck-tours, other historical tours in Boston, Providence Gondola rides, Providence Fire and water summer event!; Hamptons-Long Island, Martha's Vineyard; Nantucket-MA, Cape Cod-MA; Atlantic City-NJ

- Photography, Piano playing, Guitar playing, learning to play any musical instrument, Singing in a choir or performance group (testing out that voice!); Writing, Writing a novel; Public speaking

- Spa weekends

- And many others....

So join us and cross off that activity from your Bucketlist!

****************** Disclaimer/Liability Waiver *******************************

By signing up as a member of this group, you and/or your family agree to not hold the North East Bucketlist group, the organizers, Event hosts and sponsors of this group liable to any issues, injuries or other such events that might come up. This isn't a professional group. It's a group bringing people together that want to share in doing the same things for fun. Though we will make every effort to not do events that would cause harm to anyone, please know that this might happen sometimes especially with some physical activities at events meant for those or physical activities. Nonetheless, many of the places we will go to will be legitimate businesses or places of adventure activities and do put in place and have different kinds of safety measures they take and or will take to ensure everyone's safety.

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