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The MoonPool coven is a group that embraces the natural cycles of the universe. With a belief that Spirit can be found everywhere, we are committed to inclusion, gender neutrality, community building and empowerment. It is through our dedication to this path that we believe healing and magick happens! We are dedicated to spiritual growth, empowerment, fostering community and promoting healing change in ourselves and our world.

MoonPool clergy are available to perform Handfastings, Wiccanings, and other rites of passage. Contact us at info@moonpool.org for details.

We offer open Circles and workshops/classes to all respectful seekers, as well as Sabbats and coven membership for those wishing to make a greater commitment. We are an eclectic group, drawing strength from many traditions and disciplines.

!Please check out our website, http://www.MoonPool.org for dates and times, more events and details.

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Haunted Happenings Parade aka Salem Witches March

Merry Meet one and All! Last year we had the opportunity to March as a group in the -Haunted Happenings Grand Parade- In Salem Massachusetts to kick off Salem's Annual Month-long celebrations for Halloween. I for one had a wonderful time, and would love to see us all get together again for another go at it this year! This year the parade will be held on: October 3, 2019 WHERE: The parade begins behind the SHETLAND PARK (see map). Parking is available onsite. The start location is not far from Bus routes or Train stations Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Essex+County+Registry+of+Deeds/@42.5175965,-70.8890576,18z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x89e3146400164d91:0xbdb5665ac28ffe0d!2sShetland+Park+Self+Storage!8m2!3d42.518755!4d-70.... WHEN: Please arrive at our contingent (On site) NO LATER than 5:30 PM. Keep in mind they start shutting down the streets EARLY on! BRING: a plastic pumpkin or basket of nut free candy to give out to the kids along the route as lots of them come to watch! WEAR: Your Witchy best! Capes and robes, striped socks and pointy hats are all encouraged! This years theme is: "It's Our Future" We are encouraged to add as much of the theme or our personalities as we like! Some groups go all out and theme everything! (It is seriously AMAZING) INVITE: It doesn't matter if you call yourself a witch or not join us and bring any of your friends who are close enough that they are able to make it! After the Parade: We will find a place to grab a bite to eat and have a bit of fun as a group! More Info at: http://www.salem-chamber.com/events/details/haunted-happenings-grand-parade-10-03-2019-4254 *** This is NOT an official coven event *** But we hope there is enough interest to turn this into a "Field trip" and can't wait to see everyone there! Brightest Blessings!

Class & Open Circle - Wheel of the Year Class

UU Church of Haverhill

The Wheel of the Year is a continuing cycle of life, death and rebirth. Thus the Wheel reflects both the natural passage of life in the world and the revealing of connections with the greater world. By realizing how all are connected to the turning of the seasons we come to a deeper understanding of the ways we are connected to the God and Goddess. When they celebrate seasonal rites, Wiccans attempt to unite the essential identity that underlies all things. Class begins at 6 followed by Open Circle

Samhain Witches Ball & Dumb Supper

UU Church of Haverhill

The MoonPool coven is proud to host it’s 11th Annual Witches’ Ball and Dumb Supper. This is a non-profit event held annually to promote religious tolerance and to celebrate Samhain (Halloween). Gather with us as we kick off the dark half of the year with a magickal evening of masquerade, food, drink, music, ritual, and an all-around revelry! Pagans and Witches of all paths, as well as open-minded friends and supporters, are welcome! An Ancestors' altar will be set up and psychometry may be offered please bring something with you to honor your Ancestors. A photo, piece of jewelry, a letter etc...Nothing valuable if you are planning on leaving it on the altar. Surrender yourself to the atmosphere while all around you witches blend with muggles! A diverse assortment of activities and revels await those who have the inclination and imagination to take part. Costumes are encouraged. Be elaborate, be imaginative and be different. Delve deep into the genres of Fantasy, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Steampunk, Pirate, Goblin, Gothic, Horror, Carnival, Celtic and Faerie lore. Entrance cost is by donation- nonperishable goods for the food pantry. Children (under 16 yrs old) are welcome at the Ball but must leave by 9pm. Tentative schedule* for the evening: 7 PM - 9 PM : Witches' Ball, entertainment, light refreshments Ritual Welcoming & Honoring the Ancestors Seance Dumb Supper (*EPT - Eastern Pagan Time) As there may be very intense energies in the room, this year's Ritual is not be appropriate for children under 18, or anyone with poor psychic boundaries. DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!

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Book of Shadows Workshop and Open Circle

UU Church of Haverhill

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