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How to Use Your Pain to Transform Your Life -speaker Heather Hans
Emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual pain is our most powerful asset, though most people view it as a burden. Heather Hans guides audiences to use their pain to reach success beyond what they could achieve without the pain. Developed with Hollywood screenplay story master, Michael Hauge, Hans shares her riveting personal story of how she went from a deeply troubled teen to an accomplished, internationally known therapist and teacher.

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Sales Professionals - With A Purpose is committed to the success of individuals within the free enterprise system. We provide support, education, inspiration, networking, and fun to sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and other interested individuals.

Are you a sales and marketing professional and/or business owner?

Who is looking for:

• Education, training, inspiration in sales and marketing?

• A positive supportive community of professionals?

• A way to give back by mentoring the next generation of business owners?

• The opportunity to help recognize leading entrepreneurs in the community?

Then Sales Professionals with a Purpose is the place for you!

We are not a leads group and don't ask anyone to share leads. However many leads do get passed and business exchanged as a natural by product of the group.

We hope you will join us at our next meeting. You can come as a guest for only $14 (which includes breakfast) and then join us a second time for FREE. (Yes we want you to come experience us for a second time to get a real feel for what we are about!)

We always have many more at the meeting than who actually RSVP so don't be shy in coming out to see us!

And make sure you check out our fun promo video.

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