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SQL Server Source Control Tool + Rx.NET + Azure Web Apps
We are featuring three exciting presentations this month. "Building a PowerShell-based SQL Server Source Control Tool" Speaker: Daryl Smith This presentation will go over a PowerShell-based system which integrates SQL Server with GitHub, to manage changes, store and validate data, and deploy a database to the remote server. The following topics will be covered: - Building a command line tool with PowerShell - Integrating with GitHub - Using the SQLpackage utility to automate the deployment and data extraction - Building a cmdlet with DACExtensions to convert the SQLpackage output into files for GitHub storage - Future development plans for the project --- "Rx.NET, from the inside out" Speaker: Stas Rivkin Writing a truly non-blocking, maintainable code shouldn’t be a giant headache. As developers we strive to write features bundled up into a single, readable and testable block of code and today’s technologies greatly help us. From .NET events to Task Parallel Library, we are equipped with tools required in the process of crafting complex features. But, unfortunately, having that many different technologies, we lack the possibility of composing (easily) between them. In this session, you will learn about the core fundamentals which construct the Rx API and how it provides a single, uniform language that abstracts away all sources of events. Understanding these fundamentals will allow us to form pure-functions to filter, compose and transfer changes in an async LINQ’y sort of way. --- "Advanced Techniques with Azure Web Apps" Speaker: Roy Kim With Azure Web Apps gaining more adoption into the enterprise, we will take a look at advanced techniques that can be applied to an Azure Web App to support various scenarios and requirements. - Application Gateway with Web Application Firewall - Azure SQL VNet Integration with (ASE v2) - Azure Content Delivery Network - Auto Scale & Visual Studio Load Testing We will go through demos and key configuration in the Azure Portal. Host Bios Jack Lee is a Microsoft MVP and an Azure Certified Consultant. He is an active Microsoft tech community contributor. He was a speaker at the Global Azure Bootcamp at Microsoft Canada. He is also the President of the North Toronto .NET User Group. You can follow Jack on Twitter @jlee_consulting and his user group @NorthTorontoUG. Speakers Bios Daryl Smith began his career in Web development over 10 years ago, writing applications with classic ASP and VBScript. Since then he has worked as a full-stack .net developer for a variety of enterprises, including the Toronto Star, CityTV and Cineplex Entertainment. He is currently Director of Information Technology at LifeSpeak, an online human-resource and wellness company based in downtown Toronto. Additionally, he worked as an instructor at George Brown college, where he taught advanced JavaScript and AngularJS. Stas Rivkin is a Senior Software Developer, Consultant & Instructor @CodeValue, Ltd. He has been developing complex application with various technologies for more than 6 years. His key strength is with C# development, but also enjoys a good Angular/Node challenge. Stas is proficient with Object-Oriented programming paradigm, relational and not-relational database design principles and software architecture approaches along with being a reactive programming junkie. Roy Kim is a Microsoft MVP, a solutions architect and developer focused on SharePoint, Azure, and data analytics. Lately he has been working on projects involving the cloud with Azure PaaS and IaaS as well as Office 365 services. He is passionate and excited with the solutions that can be delivered using cloud technology and hope to share his experiences. Some previous companies he as worked at are Deloitte, PwC, Infusion, public sector and Accenture. He holds a BS in computer science degree from the University of Toronto.

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