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In this event, we are featuring three excellent Azure-related presentations in what we call the "Azure Triple Play" event.

Building Microservice Applications using Azure Service Fabric

Speaker: Jack Lee

Microservice applications are composed of small, independently versioned, and scalable customer-focused services that communicate with each other over standard protocols with well-defined interfaces. In this presentation, Jack Lee will explain the differences between a traditional monolithic application and a microservice application. See how to architect a microservice application using Azure Service Fabric.

Azure Batch for Parallel Computing for Data Collection

Speaker: Roy Kim

Cloud computing is unique in that it is agile, pay for use and especially scalability. We will look at Azure Batch as a high performance computing service in terms of its capabilities, features and applicable use cases. Intro and overview of Azure batch capabilities, features and configuration points. There will a demo of a .NET console application built to collect data, process and store into an Azure data lake store.

Serverless Code Architecture with Azure Functions

Speaker: Callon Campbell

This is an introductory-level session on what are Azure Functions and how they can be used to process events with a serverless code architecture with topics that include common scenarios, different integrations, and demos.

Speaker Bios

Jack Lee is an Azure Certified Consultant. He is an active Microsoft tech community contributor. He was a speaker at the Global Azure Bootcamp at Microsoft Canada. He is also the President of the North Toronto .NET User Group. You can follow Jack on Twitter @jlee_consulting and his user group @NorthTorontoUG.

Roy Kim is a Microsoft MVP, a solutions architect and developer focused on SharePoint, Azure, and data analytics. Lately he has been working on projects involving the cloud with Azure PaaS and IaaS as well as Office 365 services. He is passionate and excited with the solutions that can be delivered using cloud technology and hope to share his experiences. Some previous companies he as worked at are Deloitte, PwC, Infusion, public sector and Accenture. He holds a BS in computer science degree from the University of Toronto.

Callon Campbell is the co-founder of ReflectSoftware, a small software company that specializes in .NET logging and analytics with their product ReflectInsight - a Live Logging Viewer and Framework. He is an application architect and developer. He has passion for both frontend development, specifically with Angular and Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and also in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. With over 19 years of experience, he's been developing desktop, mobile and web enterprise applications using Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL Server and Azure. He's passionate about learning new technologies and sharing his experience with fellow peers in the community. Callon can be reached on Twitter via @Flying_Maverick, and @DevelopAzure and has a blog at