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Applied Meditation is easy, effective and directly focused on improving our life. One of life's major challenges is figuring out what we really want to do and who we want to become (finding our "Heart's Wish"). The next challenge is then finding the energy to fulfill our Heart's Wish.

Using a meditation practice called Heart-Rhythm Meditation (HRM) we learn how to use our breath and concentration to feel our physical heartbeat and connect more fully with our physical heart. Then we learn other practices to help us connect more fully with our emotions and thought patterns and make energetic shifts where needed.


Doing the meditation practices opens a channel into our hearts and allows us to access our Heart's Wish. The practices also give us the energy to fulfill our Heart's Wish so we can do what we want to do and become who we want to become in life. While doing this it also helps us improve our health, relationships and accomplishments.

Applied Meditation is especially designed to be practical in everyday life. Whereas most meditations are a relief from the stress of life, Applied Meditation is a rehearsal for life, the way we would like to live it. These practices actually increase our ability to handle stress. This can be clearly demonstrated by measuring our Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which shows precisely the condition of our heart, stressed or not.

The Applied Meditation practices have been developed by Puran and Susanna Bair who founded the Institute for Applied Meditation (IAM) and have been studying and teaching meditation for over 30 years. They have written three excellent books on meditation: "Living From the Heart" and "Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions" and "Follow Your Heart"

Much more information about the practices is available at iamHeart.org (http://iamheart.org)

We meet in the Community Room (bottom floor) of Forbes Library located at 20 West St, Northampton, MA 01060.

We invite you to come join us free of charge regularly, occasionally, or one time to try it out. Come find your Heart's Wish!

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New Immersion Course: Finding Your Heart's Personality

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𝗡𝗲𝘄! Online Meditation Course - Finding Your Heart’s Personality: An Introduction to the Twelve Archetypes ✨✨✨ Are you a warrior? A healer? An oracle? Is your head in the clouds, or do you need to be grounded? Can you go with the flow, or must you control your surroundings? Do you find meaning in expressing love or receiving it? And how can the answers to these questions impact your daily life? . Discovering your archetype can help you: . 👉Understand why you have particular recurring problems 👉Choose your career and position 👉Find a successful work style 👉Work with your natural skills 👉Be aware of your blind spots 👉Train your mind to see as your heart sees During this month-long workshop, you’ll discover how to use these Archetypes to harness your strengths, overcome challenges, and become more successful as you make decisions aligned with your true self.✨ . Join us for live lectures, meditations, and interactive group sessions all from the comfort of your own home. Follow the link below to purchase your ticket and learn more!💜🧡💚 https://www.iamheart.org/heart-personality/

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