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This is a group to bring together queer poly women and non-binary people to have some great discussions on issues that affect us as lgbtq women or woman-identifying people who are also poly. We meet roughly once monthly, hosted by one of the group organizers, but are open to additional social gatherings--feel free to suggest something! Please feel free to contact me with your interests in discussion topics. My email is Here are some guidelines that I took from the Boston Queer Poly Women's Group that should answer some questions if you have them. Is this only for women who are available for dating? No. What do you mean by queer? I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend; am I queer? "Queer" encompasses all sorts of identities, and was deliberately chosen over a laundry list of identities so as to not leave anyone out. Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, kinky, pansexual, polyamorous ... there are many queers! Having a boyfriend and a girlfriend is definitely queer. I identify as (mostly) heterosexual...would I be welcome? Absolutely. No identity tests are given, and no identity declarations are sought before you can attend. Are trans women welcome? Yes indeed, and we have had trans women attend. What is the range on ages that show up? We've had people from early 20s to late 40s, at least. I am in my 60s. Do you have women or non-binary people of color attend? We welcome women and non-binary people of color. Do I have to have experience? Or what if I am just thinking about it??? You don't need experience to attend; polycurious and polyfriendly folks are welcome. If I am not dating ANYONE am I still welcome? Yes indeed. What if I will only be able to make it once in a while? That's fine too; not everyone will attend every month.

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