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Does Your Life Have a Purpose?
It's all too easy to see one's life as a series of short-term goals: get through the working day, do the shopping, feed the alpacas, visit great-aunt Euphemia at the weekend and so on. But living from day to day, we can lose the sense of there perhaps being a deeper meaning to life. It's as if the wheel of life is spinning but doesn't seem to be going anywhere - except, perhaps, to decay, decrepitude and death! Surely, there must be more to life?! In this group discussion, we will explore the ideas of purpose and meaning in life. How can we discover our purpose in life or find meaning in day-to-day circumstances? Is the very idea of one's own purpose any more than an illusion created by the ego to sustain itself? As always, you are welcome to share your views, questions and experiences.

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    Would you describe yourself as a spiritual seeker? Someone looking for a deeper meaning in life? Or maybe you've had a spiritual experience you would like to share? At Northampton Theosophy Group you can attend talks on spiritual topics, share your views and experiences at discussion groups and take part in meditation evenings. We welcome free thinkers who are not bound by religious or scientific dogmas. Organized by Northampton Theosophical Society, our meetings uphold freedom of expression along with respect for the views of others. Our meetings begin with the lighting of a candle to symbolize the unity of all life. All seekers of truth are welcome to join Northampton Theosophy Group!

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