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This Wildlife Tracking group and the Twilight Tracking Series (http://www.deepnatureguides.com/intro-to-wildlife-tracking.html) is designed to make wildlife tracking easy and accessible for your well-being physically, mentally and spiritually. Like a morning run, mediation practice, yoga after work or dance class, each session is relatively short and close to home so you can easily weave it into the start or end of your day.

​We believe tracking is for everyone, and want you to thrive with deep connection to your place. We are all innately curious and sensitive. We all learn to recognize patterns all around us, often unconsciously without much effort. Learning language skills comes naturally too, be it verbal, musical, somatic and otherwise. We soon begin to see the relationships between things and the communities at play, enabling us to read and confidently tell the stories of a place with incredible precision.

Wildlife tracking is a skill and a way of being that’s always available to everyone. What are you curious about in this season? What are you noticing outside right now? What's your personal influence on our loved predators such as bobcats, foxes and otters, and how might you take responsibility for that?

By stepping outside to engage a wild landscape, you are opening your body, heart, mind and spirit to the wildlife community of that place, opening to the possibility of learning its language, consciously connecting and someday belonging with that place, where you recognize that particular bird and what she’s saying, and she recognizes you. You both belong here. Let's go tracking!​Each session includes practices of ethics, gratitude, meditation, intention, empathy, imagination, artful questions and trust.Each session offers place-based lessons in wildlife ecology, species identification, animal behavior, lacks and larders.Sunrise and sunset sessions near twilight (7:30 AM and 7:00 PM) emphasize learning bird language (different from classic birding, but complimentary).The terrain is mild to moderate. Class begins and ends within 10 minutes of the trailhead parking. All ages welcomed.Members also have access to Track It! bi-weekly mysteries, Habitat Maps services, DNG.com weekly newsletter and abundant online resources. All Twilight Tracking sessions are guided by Scott Davidson (http://www.deepnatureguides.com/about-us.html).

and special guests. "I loved every minute of it! Scott is a great teacher ~ knowledgeable, skillful, wise, humble..." -MK of Santa Barbara, CA

"I now have a renewed sense of confidence in my ability as a tracker. With Scott’s mentoring I was able to move through 'trailing walls' that previously would have discouraged me. Feeling grateful and satisfied." -MB of Sebastopol, CA

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