What we're about

Join us for a journey into clarity, empowerment, and connection. The shift of 2012 began a four years based re-patterning that is destined to profoundly influence our biology, psychology, and sociology. Through discussion, meditation, and energetic downloads we will gain insight and manifestation steps for moving ahead with grace and ease.
The place and role of the individual are exponentially growing, and people like you, the Evos, are being torn between what is and what is coming internally and what you experience as an eternal being.
Where are you in the evolutionary chain? Who are your children? Who are your friends? Who do you share the dinner with and how it adds and subtracts from the path you are on. The 2020 Quest is the Quest to sharp and clear vision, 20/20 vision that is your birthright and destiny you cannot escape because you have chosen to live now.

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