What we're about

We are creating a group of people who support body positivity, positive body image and body acceptance.

This group is inspired and created by Bodypositivity.com's founder JC Cavanaugh based in Connecticut.

We are looking to get a few of you into the group first and then decide where and when our first meet up will take place.

We do have a Facebook group as well if you prefer a less interactive group to engage with!

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Discuss Our Body Positive Challenges in a Supportive Group!

Body positivity is what we are all about! We are looking to create a New Haven based meeting and would LOVE for you to be a part of it. Topics will include: - what we love and don't love about our bodies and how to improve self-love. - how to deal with negative comments - daily tips to improve body image - success stories from each of us - sharing the story of our journey to inspire others!

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