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NSK Northeast Seacoast Kayakers

We are a private group of paddlers perfecting advanced skills in sea kayaking. These acquired skills allow our club members a comfort level to participate in advanced coastal trips including Expeditions, "Rock Play", Kayak Surfing, 10-20 mile paddles, exposure to cold water and sustained higher wind speeds. We focus on all aspects of safety and threat assessment and strive to work as a team to minimize risk while paddling.

NSK was started as a natural progression of paddlers that have been involved in other local clubs over the years and have developed more advanced skill levels. As a private group we reserve the right to vote among the organizers to accept or deny membership to new members in order to maintain similar goals within the population of this group. We are not interested in obtaining a high number of club members. The compatability and elevated skill set our members possess is the priority. Our main goal is a tight knit group of qualified, experienced, active members.

If you accept membership to NSK, no member or organizer can be held liable for property or personal safety. Although most fellow members have experience in rescues, you agree that while paddling on a posted NSK trip, you are paddling at your own risk.

There are membership dues of $12.00 per year. These funds are used to pay for the monthly "Meetup" fees of $19.99 and the purchase of vinyl "NSK" & "Northeast Seacoast Kayakers" boat stickers that are personally paid for by the organizer and free to paid members upon request when available. Dues must be paid prior to joining a posted paddle. Inactive members that have not paid dues or paddled on any trips will be removed from the group at any given time without notification and will be permitted to re-join NSK by requesting to join and paying dues upon acceptance of a new membership.

We exist to simply paddle, explore and be one with the rhythm of the sea...

Doug Mogill

“ Experienced but not elitists -- have skills but have been humbled ---serious but laugh -- take personal responsibility but take responsibility for others -- paddle, then paddle some more--- ”

— Leslie Beale (http://www.meetup.com/NortheastSeacoastKayakers/members/3444261/)

“ We just want to paddle.then paddle some more.... ”

— glenn (http://www.meetup.com/NortheastSeacoastKayakers/members/3064088/)

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Stonington to the Brimstones and back

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NE Harbor Mt Desert Island

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Sullivan Falls - tiderace surfing

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