What we're about

Vision: Building an inclusive community for our northern California homeschool families.

The mission of Northern California Homeschool Families is to be inclusive, engaged, fun, and give and receive kindness, while getting out of the 10-mile radius of our neighborhoods.

1. You should either be a homeschool parent, considering being a homeschool parent, or a parent that has homeschooled his/her now adult child(ren).
2. Finances: I pay $239.88/year (or $19.99/month). You pay $5/year & of that $5/year, I receive $4.12/year back. Therefore, after we receive 58+ members, the remainder funds each year can be used for the group. We can explore every mid January how to use the funds.
3. Keep an updated headshot of yourself on your profile.
4. Do your best to be kind to others with your words and actions.
5. Do your best to make it to an event that you RSVP. If you can’t make it, please change your RSVP asap.
6. Let’s hear from you! If you cannot make it to several events, send myself or the group helpful messages regarding homeschooling, community resources, and events.
7. If you have any concerns or helpful feedback regarding the group or any members, please let me know.

Event Host Etiquette:
1. Make sure there are restrooms.
2. For privacy purposes, avoid putting the location of the event in the title.
3. Let me know about any concerns and/or how I can support you in future events.
4. If you have a repeating event, awesome! Please be kind and allow others to directly communicate with you about them scheduling a one-time event during the time of your repeating event. And vice versa, if you have an event that you want to schedule during a time of a repeating event, please first communicate with the person hosting the repeating event before creating your event.

*If you’re an introvert and do not feel comfortable with hosting events, send me the type of event you would like to have and I will consider hosting it for you.

*If there is an event that does not have a location that you want to attend, you get to choose the location!

Events to Consider Hosting:
Park Days
Geocaching for Kids
Cultural Events
Fine Arts
Parent Night Outs
Lakes, Beaches
Book Club
If your kid is doing something awesome, consider us joining or supporting them

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1. Basic group information

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3. Basic organizer details

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6. titles, date, time, and number of RSVPs

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