Past Meetup

Building a Blockchain with .Net Core


Blockchain got a lot of attention recently. You may have heard Blockchain stories from your colleagues, watched Blockchain discussions on TV, or read Blockchain articles on Internet. But, do you really understand Blockchain? What does a block look like? How does Blockchain prevent from tamper? How does proof-of-work work? Today, I am going to give a brief introduction of Blockchain by building a basic Blockchain, showing the proof-of-work, and explaining transaction in a nutshell with .NET Core.

Speaker Bio: Henry He
Henry He has been doing software development for more than a decade. He holds a Computer Science Master degree from New Jersey Institution of Technology. As a technology practitioner, he is always excited by all the new technologies. He believes learning is a lifelong process. He spent a lot of his spare time reading books, taking classes, attending seminars, and participating Hackathons. After years of learning, He realized the best way of learning is using and sharing. He thinks hard to see how to use new technologies. He conducts presentations to share his knowledge. He joins technology debates to exchange thoughts and ideas with smart people in the industry. He publishes articles to let people learn from his experiences and mistakes.