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This is tai chi and qigong for the serious seeker. Collaborated and/or led by Loretta Wollering, Shifu, with over 20 years background in traditional tai chi (both healing and martial arts), formally published author, and background in ergonomics, anatomy & physiology, etc, to guarantee you professional guidance to help you get the mind/body goals you seek. The atmosphere is always open-minded and friendly. This way of tai chi is best suited for those who love to think, or are interested in creative endeavors. Some events are free, some are community-based, and others are either online or via Internal Gardens School of Classical Tai Chi Chuan. International online classes are at: http://www.internalgardens.com , and local class info is at: http://www.NJTaiChiClasses.com . Come and experience something different.

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America's 2018 Tai Chi Gala & the Intuitive Arts Retreat

Camp Lindenmere (Retreat Center for Adults Spring and Fall)

Try a few no-obligation tai chi classes at Internal Gardens Tai Chi NJ

Internal Gardens Tai Chi (sharing space w/ Jazzercise Studio)


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