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This meetup is "going to the dogs"...Pugs to be precise!!!

Okay, so you're owned by a Pug; that goes without saying! I am too, as are many others. Why do we love these big-eyed, wrinkle-faced Pugsters so much? There are so many reasons, & that's reason enough to join the NNJPE!

Our steadily-growing group of friendly Pugaholics & their Pugs meet for outings once a month (with "special events" tossed in for good measure), in order to provide our furbabies (& ourselves) some time for socialization & out-in-out fun!

Playtime's great, but giving back to the community is also important, & we make a conscious effort to host & participate in charitable events; all net proceeds go to the featured organization. We are also active with Pug Rescue & in helping to find needy Pugs their "forever homes".

I encourage members to get involved; suggestions for outings are always welcome. Additionally, our message board is always available for any questions, comments, or concerns you might have in regard to the care & maintenence of your beloved four-legged family member!

Well; why wait any longer? If you "Got Pug", then get going & join the NNJPE today! We're looking forward to meeting you! Please note that to become a member, you must exhibit proof of owning at least one Pug. Your membership will be pending prior to approval. See you soon!

Kind Regards,
Group Organizer, NNJPE

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Howloween Meetup at Best Friends!

Best Friends Chestnut Ridge

Hi Everyone,

It's time for more Puggie shinanigans! We will be partaking in some human and canine fun 'n' frolic at Best Friends, Chestnut Ridge, NY, just right over the NJ border!

All four-legged guests will enjoy safe, off-leash fun in the facility's doggie playroom. The only requirement for canine attendees is proof of rabies (distemper and bordatella are optional). Regarding humans; please...I ask that everyone attending be vaccinated and/or wear a mask, as I wish to keep this event safe for everyone. Thanks in advance!

Now, for the fun stuff: Pugs are encouraged to "strut their stuff" in costume. Prizes will be given for best costume and honorable mention, too! As with all of our prior indoor events, food and beverage contributions are always welcome. :)

Note: ANYONE PLANNING TO ATTEND THIS MEETUP, IS REQUIRED TO RSVP. Please be considerate of fellow attendees and arrive on a timely basis.

There will be a charge of $7.00 per human attendee, to help pay for the monthly and event expenses incurred by the organizer (Yours Truly). There is also a charge for use of the playroom, so a "chip-in" will be enabled at the event to cover the cost.

I look forward to seeing everyone and their Pugs at this fun event!


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