What we're about

The Northern Virginia BENG Networking Group (BENG) is a multidisciplinary, independent group of job seekers, those currently employed and business net-workers, willing to help others. Current membership includes mid to senior level executives with over ten (10) years of business experience. Attendees come from the financial management, information technology, legal, manufacturing, engineering, transportation, logistics, distribution and general management industries. We actively seek new members from all disciplines.

BENG provides its members with:
1. A supportive atmosphere of high-value, face-to-face networking opportunities
2. Relevant professional contacts for the unemployed, employed and self-employed
3. An emotionally supportive environment for those in career transition

Networking meetings provide members with an opportunity to sharpen their networking skills, meet peers from various disciplines and share business opportunities and job leads.

How it works:

1. Each participant delivers an "elevator speech" letting the group know what type of job or specific business connection you are seeking

2. The other participants share leads, connections and suggestions. Each participant delivers an "elevator speech" letting the group know what type of job or specific business connection you are seeking

What to bring to each meeting:

1. Bring 20 copies of a ONE-PAGER -- a single piece of paper -- featuring job history, skills, objectives and contact info. If you distribute this page at the start of your presentation, fellow attendees are much better able to deliver feedback and ideas.

2. Bring a “tent card” with your name to place in front of your seat (a folded 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper works great).

Upcoming events (1)

November 5th Northern VA BENG Neworking Meeting - ONLINE

Please join us for the next Northern Virginia BENG Networking Meeting on November 5th, which will be virtual, via Zoom. You will receive the log in instructions once you register. BENG meetings allow senior business professionals with 10+ years of experience an opportunity to network with other senior level professionals. BENG members include those in career transition, employed professionals who are recruiting, and self-employed professionals. The BENG organization provides members with employment information, access to tools to help you accelerate your job search, support, and guidance. There is no cost to attend the meetings in Northern Virginia (and you do not have to be a member of BENG); however, you do need to be a member of BENG to access the full spectrum of BENG resources, the full BENG member network, and most of the other chapter meetings (which are currently being run virtually.)

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