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NVPPA: Northern Virginia Professional Photographers Association | VA DC

If you're a potential client that needs professional wedding photography, event photography, studio portrait photography, profile headshots, lifestyle photography, senior portraits, real estate photography, beauty, fine art photography, and commercial photography, how do you find the best professional photographers in Northern Virginia? Ask NVPPA! NVPPA's members are constantly honing their technique and artistic acumen by attending lectures, workshops, and juried competition to reach levels that exceed their non-member peers. Many are members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and have achieved international, industry-respected degrees and numerous international awards in competition with other professionals.

If you're a photographer, are you interested in the art and business of photography? Welcome and congratulations on visiting the newest and only pro-path to professional photography group located in Northern VA focused on wedding, studio portrait, fine art, and commercial photography! We focus on the type of photography that will excel your work and if you wish, produce an income.

NVPPA's consistent monthly speaker lineup is unmatched and without question, NVPPA has hosted the best, award-winning, professional photographers in the MD, DC, and VA area! We are the most highly-rated photography group located on Meetup in the Metro DC area -- just check all our ratings and member-written reviews under the Past tab. Meetup is a great tool but we are a professional, non-profit, educational and business association that gives ongoing benefits to our invested members.

When you're ready to join and support us, please go to our Membership Application and Dues (https://www.meetup.com/Prince-William-Professional-Photographers-VA-DC/pages/Membership_Application_and_Dues/) page to join as a professional Gold Member.

Studio Memberships are available for additional persons from the same studio. These additional employee memberships are 33% off the regular one-year membership rate.

We offer a special Student Membership rate at 50% off the regular one-year membership that includes both teens 16 and older and college students enrolled in a degree program. Please contact our membership chair for more information and joining as a student.


Philip Brasch, President & Founder
NVPPA: Northern Virginia Professional Photographers Association
www.nvppa.org (http://www.nvppa.org/)

:: Welcome, to our Fairfax County, Manassas, and Fredericksburg visitors! ::

Pre-Join Checklist:

You can volunteer to the Steering Committee or board by contacting our president or an organizer.

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Please provide a photo of yourself when you join so that we know who you are when you join us for our events!

Since we are a group of professionals, not a club, and to be fair to every photographer / business-owner in NVPPA, we require that you enter your real FIRST and LAST name on our Meetup -- not a business name or third party advertiser (i.e. "ABC PhotoTools"). We also need your name to verify your RSVP and registration at our events. This requirement also reduces unwanted and off-topic spam to our membership.

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NVPPA Photographers - Board Meeting - We Need Committee Chairs - Volunteer!

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RSVP Required.

We'd like to add you to our management team. We are a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and smart-working team. Please let us know if you're qualified...

Please read and understand the Member's Promise (https://www.meetup.com/Northern-Virginia-Professional-Photographers-VA-DC/about/). We are a volunteer organization so members are only entitled to what each board member and committee member donates of their time, dedication, and enthusiastic attention.

We need committee chairs / volunteers in the areas of:

• Monthly Room Setup

• Hospitality

• Registration and Attendance

review Attendance Reconciliation procedure

• Membership

review backup procedures
review where primary copy of database resides
review doc, "NVPPA Membership QA - Policy and Procedure"
review lapsed membership procedures and policy
review meeting cancellation credit and procedure
review Google Drive folder organization
review Welcome Letter procedures, template, and when this is used
review PayPal payment notification procedure
review taking payments at a monthly meeting/workshop

• Marketing/Communications, including Email Marketing

• PPA Affiliation Committee

• Competition

Some other specialized roles in Social Media Marketing, SEO, branding, newsletter programs, membership outreach & administration, public relations ads & campaigns, website development, data administration, and database design are needed.

We welcome your suggestions, and as a result, you must offer your time to work on them plus other prioritized projects that will benefit the organization, and thus, your business.


• Is this your first S-C meeting? If so, please contact Philip Brasch via his profile (or email) prior to attending the meeting. We invite responsible, leader-members!

• Are you a Gold Member invested in NVPPA? These Board / S-C meetings are specifically for invested members (dues-invested) only. If you're not, please join NVPPA by clicking the Donate button in the sidebar.

• Have you attended at least 2 monthly meetings? In order to have knowledgeable and informed leaders of NVPPA, we request that you attend at least 2 monthly meetings or NVPPA events prior to your participation on the S-C.

You can also review our Mission Statement, Membership Objectives, and Member's Promise. (https://www.meetup.com/Northern-Virginia-Professional-Photographers-VA-DC/about/) Please take our poll for BENEFITS (https://www.meetup.com/Northern-Virginia-Professional-Photographers-VA-DC/polls/251822/) as a member of NVPPA.

I look forward to your commitment to the growth and prosperity of NVPPA and its members...


Philip Brasch, President & Founder
(If you don't have my email or phone number, first please contact me with your email and a message via my Meetup Profile.)


HANDS-ON (Bring your notebook or laptop computer...)

Have you ever taken a workshop and asked yourself why your images didn't look like the instructors or your images just don't have the polish that other photographers have?


If you have taken any of our NVPPA workshops, PPA Super 1 Days, other 3rd party workshops, or held your own client sessions, this is the chance to get the knowledge on exactly what to edit to strategically take your images to the next level. Competition judges will notice these flaws first! The techniques applied are targeted to make your images way better -- FAST!

You will LEARN HOW TO improve your portrait and lifestyle people photography by applying strategic edits to one or more images in Lightroom accompanied by some Photoshop (when necessary). These Lightroom techniques and unique application of these tools are seldom used but fast and effective. The students will be able to follow along with the edits using the same image as the instructor.

A follow-along outline and practice files are provided.

The Lightroom portion focuses on- and demonstrates the specific use of the basic and ADVANCED tools of the Develop Module; it's assumed you have some knowledge already of the Library Module, rating images, and organizing your images into Collections.



• Lighten & Resolve Shadowy Eye Sockets With Just a Click (No Brush)!
• Add More Depth & Dimension to Your images!
• Correct Bad Skin-tone & White Balance
• Learn 5 Ways To Resolve Glare Or Highlights On Face, Cheek, Hands, or Shoulders (Lr And Ps)
• Correct Catch Light Problems: Quickly Add a Missing Catch Light in an Eye W/O Ps and Only 2 Clicks!
• Change Light Direction From Broad to Short
• Identify & Correct Blocked Up Blacks. Why is this Bad?
• Identify & Improve Bad Composition
• Improve Focus or Sharpness: Quickly Understand the Sliders and Identify What Each Controls
• Reveal & Correct Overexposed Highlights
• Remove Stray Hair (Ps, Studio Example)


For the final portion, we will answer specific questions about your own images. Due to the small class size, you will receive individual and specific instruction!


We will be glad to help with any questions. Please contact the instructor and host of this workshop by clicking on Philip's profile image above. You can also email [masked] (no spam please).


  1. Please RSVP to the right or message/Contact Philip Brasch via his profile in the right sidebar to express your interest. You will not be able to RSVP with the button in the upper right sidebar if you are not a member in this group.

  2. Either way, PLEASE complete this short and secure (https) Registration and Contact Information FORM (https://goo.gl/forms/HFsiT6bL9Ntx4nfx2) <== Click this to register for this course! We will not share this information to other parties. Or click or paste this URL into your browser: https://goo.gl/forms/HFsiT6bL9Ntx4nfx2 .

*** RSVP NOW! ***


There is an investment for this professional photography workshop of $89. NVPPA Gold Members (paid) receive a $10 discount. Contact Philip for the discounted link.

• FIRST, please RSVP on this site so we can meet you and know you're attending.

• SECOND, classes are purposely kept small so we need a commitment to hold your spot beyond 24 hours; please remit your investment here via PayPal for $89:

• Onsite registration or after Wednesday 11:59pm the day prior to the workshop: $109

Lifestyle Portraits, Day to Night, Natural Light - Outdoors, MODELS & HANDS-ON!

Lifestyle Photography and the Art of Natural Light -- Achieve Studio-Perfect Portraits Outdoors!
HANDS-ON! Plus Male and Female MODELS!


"I knew lighting was something that I need to improve in my photography skills but had no idea how much I didn't know about it until I took Philip Brasch's workshop "Lifestyle Photography / Show me the Light!" I look forward to attending his other workshops in the future."

"Outstanding session. Learned an incredible amount of information and how to see light in a whole new way. Philip provides outstanding hands-on lessons that are invaluable to enhancing one's photographic skills. Highly recommend!" —Kym J.

“Philip's course was one of the most beneficial I have ever taken. In a few hours, I improved from taking average pictures to taking professional-level photographs..."


If you have taken Philip's Super 1 Days or this workshop more than once, you know it's different each time as models, locations, seasons, & environmental conditions change. For the student that hasn't taken it or has, this workshop will continue to help you to "see the light" & nail those all-important outdoor people images with beauty, consistency, style, & confidence!

*** RSVP NOW! ***

All of the images in this post were created without a reflector, diffusers, or flash...

"The 'Lifestyle Workshop' presented by Philip was inspiring, it moved along in a smooth rhythm that seemed to hold the interest of the audience; it certainly held mine. Philip was so knowledgeable of his subject matter that he presented it with such ease. The hand out "TipsLifestyle" was most informative, and his explanation of each item on the list was given in a way that it was easily understood. There were some things on this list that I knew but did not know how to put it to use in a practical and hands-on way. After this workshop the dots were connected, now all I have to do is go out and practice!" —R. Virgil, Photographer

Anyone can buy a camera but it's lighting techniques that truly set the professionals apart. In this course, you'll learn how to up your game by improving your lighting skills. Learn how to maximize your use of available/existing light and your environment for ENGAGEMENT sessions, WEDDINGS, seniors, children, and more. Learn to understand, control, and plan the use of existing light while not sacrificing traditional lighting patterns, lighting ratios, and multiple light directions. Become comfortable with- and identify if fill light is necessary; determine when and where to use flash. We will teach you to use the light, your environment, and how to naturally pose your clients for images with natural emotional impact.

Above: The newest addition from the Outdoor Night and Low Light Portrait Workshop (this is a one-light Q-flash)!

Whether you are a photographer for passion or profit, this course will teach you innovative and portable techniques for capturing stunning natural light and breathtaking composition in any situation. Be ready to change the way you think about natural and existing light photography — using street lights, pathway lamps, & iPhone controlled LED lights as our main, fill, kicker, and hair lights to create portraits after dark! These night portraits techniques are ideal for the wedding couple in front of their venue! This course begins with classroom instruction & Q&A and then take it outside to experiment and "find the light!" You will use multiple lighting options, pose a model or two & get instructor feedback in the field!

*** RSVP NOW! ***


  1. Please RSVP in the upper right sidebar to express your interest.
  2. PLEASE COMPLETE this short and secure (https) Registration and Contact Information FORM (REQUIRED for your contact info.):


QUESTIONS: [masked]

The workshop will be POSTPONED if a minimum of 2 students are not signed up and remit investment by Thursday at 11 pm, prior to the Sunday workshop!


Early registration is $169 and is due by Sunday midnight, 7 days prior to the workshop date. Late registration is $189. Complete the FORM above & we will email you a very convenient and easy-to-use PayPal invoice. Please don't wait; we want to get the models-per-student ratio right!


Get a $15 discount if you're a Gold Member of NVPPA!


We have chosen convenient & gorgeous environmental scenes for the shooting portions. Register on this page for Starting Location in Woodbridge, VA 22192.

ITEMS TO BRING: snacks, water, your longest and fastest lenses


• Philip Brasch, NVPPA President & Founder, Speaker, IPC Medalist, Wedding & Portrait Photographer 20yrs+

Above: Night portrait. It's dark! Ambient doorway light, pathway lamps, and sconces create ambient and fill while a camera-right LED panel creates the main. The hair and rim light is an LED flashlight placed far to camera-right in the rear.

Above: Night portrait. 3 pathway lamps triangulate the light to form main, fill, and hair while an additional LED panel kicks up more light on the hair on camera-left.


Philip Brasch is an international award-winning professional photographer (PPA http://www.ppa.com) that is inspired by people (portraits), landscapes, and the technology we use to enhance it. He is the president and founder of www.NVPPA.org and a pro photographer specializing in weddings, lifestyle portraiture, and commercial photography. He also lectures and holds seminars and workshops on the same. Philip has now led over 50 lectures and workshops over a period of 10 years to peer-professionals, aspiring professionals, and most recently, the enthusiast. He will share a career of photography secrets with you... pulling highlights from his many highly-rated workshops as on this one from 4/28/2011
with over 21, 5-star (out-of-5 :-) reviews! In addition, Mr. Brasch has earned the distinction of PPA Medalist, one of the most prestigious awards presented through the industry's most prominent photographic competition, the International Photographic Competition (IPC) of PPA. This is an incredible accomplishment.

"...I love helping others exceed their photographic potential and that’s why I promote these professionally-led workshops at an incredible value. Once you remit your investment, you are guaranteed a spot in these limited-enrollment hands-on training sessions. These special sessions are fun, inspiring, creative, & technical – all my enthusiastic students learn and improve each and every time we head outdoors! I guarantee it (or just ask them yourself)!" —Philip Brasch

MODEL CALL for Studio and Natural Light Workshops: Teens, 20-30s; Amateurs OK!

MODELS ACTORS DANCERS ATHLETES NEEDED for Studio & Lifestyle Portrait Workshops: Teens, 20s, 30s ok!

FEMALE, MALE, or COUPLES MODELS NEEDED: If you're an amateur or new to modeling, ACTING, or DANCE this gig is a perfect and easy way to practice and start building your portfolio. Do you have goals in a modeling career or other reasons for your interest?


1). PLEASE complete this *** REQUIRED ONLINE FORM ***. It asks for a brief background, a few photos (selfies OK :-), contact information, and city of residence and it's the best way for us to qualify you further. We will not share your information with 3rd parties:


2). If you're new to our events, WE REQUIRE A CONVERSATION with each model several days before the event. Without the form completed, we can't interview you, sorry.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to complete the form! The online form gets your info into our SELECT list so we can call and schedule you in when needed.

TFP: Please note that this is a TFP gig BUT IF YOU'RE EXPERIENCED, you'll be getting a highly professional set of images in exchange for your time...

DESCRIPTION: These ongoing lifestyle and portrait photography workshops require models! The genres of photographs taken are lifestyle, glamour, fashion, and teen-senior oriented. The poses will include waist up; full-face portraits; two-thirds portraits; profile; 3/4 and full length. Creativity and uniqueness are encouraged of both the models and the photography students.

Teens are welcome as some classes will focus on high school senior portrait photography and photographing teens. Working with us for just 2-3 hours is a great way to get awesome high school senior portraits or to ENHANCE YOUR PORTFOLIO as TFP. Having a good responsive attitude and appropriate manners is important to the group. If you think the "F" word is a useful and necessary adjective, you need not apply.

BACKGROUND: The workshop instructor is a PPA international award-winning professional photographer with over 19 years of professional experience and has already conducted over 60 workshops and lectures to professional photographers since 2009.

Students are both male and female pro-path to professional photographers and can offer you amazing professional photographs in exchange for your time. Collaboration with Instructor prior to- and after the workshops is welcome so that everyone's needs are met!

PROFESSIONAL, TASTEFUL, & STUNNING IMAGERY: If you're female and wary of the GWC, you'll be pleased to know that there are NO GWC's (guys with cameras) and the majority of the students are female! These are serious professionals that want to learn more, need you to practice, and me to professionally coach them. You're guaranteed to get some great images and style variety from the instructor and pro-path to pro students!

TIMES: 3-4 Hour Window Prior to Sunset. Please be aware that the time will change every week!

DATES: RIGHT NOW! These dates are already scheduled:

• SEE THIS POST & upcoming opportunities posted every week on this site! Periodic Saturdays & Sundays, approximately 3 hours prior to sunset.

Only 2 to 3 models will be chosen for each session.

See the sidebar to the right.

• Get DIGITAL IMAGES to add to your modeling portfolio (TFP)!
• GAIN EXPERIENCE by working with a variety of photographers' techniques and styles. You will be trained to pose by professionals.
• Interact with photographers that love your inexperience! Then, you will make them work harder for their best shot :-).
• LEARN better photography if you're interested. (You're going to be listening to the awesome instruction. Right!? :-)
• Experience multiple HUGE lenses, strobes, & cameras aimed at you all at the same time!

• Please don't apply if you can't keep a commitment.
• Model release required.
• Under 18 is OK but you will need a parent or guardian present.

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