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What we're about

To have a Physical an spiritual healing.

People that would like to feel good about themselves and have a spiritual awakening. Get clean an sober beat there addictions live a positive life Have positive energy

We will go over what you would like to get out of it. Have a ceremony with all natural medicines from Peru there will be music playing instruments, singing, meditation, this is to get in touch with yourself and loved ones Also the next day we will offer medicine to cleanse your body liver kidney if needed. We offer all types of medicine from Peru all natural.
We have groups up to 20 an we also offer private groups. We have a shaman on premise.

I will have you research the medicine so you know what to expect what you are getting into. Which is a safe environment. People travel to other countries to have this experience. We have it in New York.

Please email me your name phone number. I will let you know what is going on that week an you will be asked to leave security deposit for your reservation.

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Shaman is in town running Ceremonies for you.

Northport, NY 11768

We are having ceremony all weekend starts Friday until Sunday morning. Also we have a Shaman running the ceremony. He has 8 years working with Shaman in Peru getting all there good qualities from them. Working with the medicine. Ayahuasca and San Pedro also Kambo. Helping the people get most out of there spiritual awakening experience and healing for your self and your body and your mind. Also opening your third eye so you can really travel with your journey. Goto levels that you never thought it would be true. We have music playing drums beating, Maracas, chanting. Tamarins clapping to the beat. More instruments playing. To enhance your visions. Also we have a lot of different sound that we use to help you along. Like Crystal bowl,Harp,Her Monica, nice sounds to enhance your journey to the sounds and chimes and crystal ball humming banging meditating visions. All positive energy flowing through the room meditating putting everything into perspective. Gathering your thoughts that are racing through your body. Having a outer body experience with natural medicine from Peru. Healing your brain cells we’re sparking the cells up where rejuvenating your brain cells we also suggest micro dosing. There a lot of studies on that. It helps you stay focus alert smarter remember more helping your reflexes. It’s really an amazing experience with the medicine that you really need to get in touch with your self and spiritual healing for your body and mind. Now that’s only Ayahuasca. There so much more that we’re doing like San Pedro. Kambo. San Pedro is also runs within the Ayahuasca ceremony and it takes you to a different level with spiritual awakening and visions. Not so much meditating. Every thing lights up you see colors and laugh a lot really helps with depression, anxiety, mental illness, helps you get in touch with your self and healing your feelings not being sad or depressed controlling your mood swings feeling good about your self also doing something good for your self. Rejuvenate your brain cells sparks them takes you to a level that helps you feel great again when you we’re happy with know stress no bills no pain or sorrow. All natural medicine from Peru. That medicine you don’t purge from it. Every body has a different experience with the medicine. Every body is different. As long as you got everything you need out of it. This medicine been around for many of centuries know chemicals. From plants and vines from the jungle of Peru amazing what nature has for us as long were in a safe environment and controlled. That’s the Shaman job to run the ceremony’s with a lot of knowledge of the medicine and how it can effect us if not controlled environment. Now we’re going to explain Kambo. Kambo is use to flush your kidneys and liver the toxins out of your system. Also helps people with drug problems with withdrawals even from your doctor drug is a drug. It flushes you’re body out cleanses you liver and kidney out get rid of the toxins in your body. Helps replenish your body. It’s all from a frog the poison from it. They even tried to harvest the frogs to make money Big pharmacy companies. Then they found out that you cannot take the frogs out of there environment or they will stop producing the poison on there body. We minister the medicine on your body by putting burning the first layer of skin then we put the medicine on the burn marks so it can absorbed into your skin which let’s it go into your blood and body before you take the medicine make sure to drink a lot of water you drink a lot of water then you start to purge and purge you don’t even know where it’s coming from but it’s or the bad coming out of your body you do this three times in the moon cycle it cures a lot of viruses and diseases. There so much more to do with all natural medicine. It’s really good for you it’s like eating your vegetables you really get a lot out of that better then taking vitamins all natural. We also sell the medicine. Through out the world. Not just medicine all natural plants and vines and flowers from the jungle of Peru.

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