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Hello and thank you for checking out Northshore Shooters. Please read the entire "What We're About" section before making a membership request. The group does have a few specific requirements for membership. Group membership is intended for both experienced and novice shooters. Since we're an all-inclusive group, pistol, rifle & shotgun shooters are equally welcome !! The group's main purpose shall be to bring together firearms enthusiasts from the Northshore and surrounding areas, for regular outings to local gun ranges. We will support/mentor each other as we safely & efficiently practice proper shooting skills.

In order to join the group, there are a few required sign-up questions. No answers, no admission, no exceptions. Additionally, your signup *must* include a clear, unobstructed face pic. Lastly, your meetup handle *should* be a variation of your real name. It need not be full name, but should be something like first name and last initial would be fine. For example, my meetup handle is "Brad R."

*** Effective March 1, 2019 *** The max-size of the group will be 50 members. As I've said in the past, my goal is to have a group made of active participants rather than "members in name only."

*** Effective October 1, 2018 *** If a member has not attended any shooting event for the prior six (6) months, said member will be subject to removal from the group any time thereafter at the discretion of the organizer. Additionally, if a person is admitted to the group but does not attend an event within six (6) months, they too will also be subject to removal at the discretion of the organizer.

All aspiring members must possess their Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification (F.O.I.D.) card. You can click here


to begin that process. You should also own, or be prepared to purchase, your own firearm(s) and basic safety gear (hearing and eye protection).

We should take every opportunity to learn from, and teach, one another. One member offering another member to try this pistol or that rifle is common.

Your costs will vary, and consist of the following:

1. Range fee varies with the location, but is typically ~$20 for an hour for an indoor facility.

2. Ammunition (varies by brand, type, and caliber) - I strongly encourage everyone to buy ammunition (ammo) in advance, and bring it along. Buying it at the range can be very expensive! (15%-20% more than buying online or at local stores). The flip side to this is making the occasional purchase of ammo, targets, etc. as a way of showing support to a local business.

3. Targets (price varies on type/size). Buy online/in advance. Purchasing at range can cost $2/$3 per target). *Online you can find same/similar targets at $0.50-$1.00/each!

*Based on members' interest we may meet (after shooting), at a nearby dining establishment, to discuss the day's shooting and get to know one another socially...

Big Ed's BBQ in Waukegan is popular after some range time at Caliber. We also are known to patronize Anastasia's, also located in Waukegan. We recently had a fine lunch at The Route 20 Outhouse after a morning of outdoor shooting in Union Grove, WI.

Local gun ranges:


560 Beechcraft Lane, Crystal Lake, IL

CALIBER GUN RANGE (Formerly known as GTR Sporting Club)

3059 Washington Street Waukegan, IL


For outdoor rifle shooting which we like to offer during the warmer months, we patronize Wisconsin Sportsmans' Association located in Union Grove, WI.


Upcoming events (5+)

Let's Shoot Outdoors

Wisconsin Sportsman Association


Outdoor rifle/pistol shooting at Wisconsin Sportsman's in Union Grove. NOTE -- as their April calendar is not finalized, the date/time are subject to change. One thought . . . many of us (me) are not working on Good Friday. WSA is open for business until 4pm on Good Friday. If you're interested in either a Fri 4/19 or Sat 4/20 event, please post your preference to the comments. WATCH THIS SPACE ...

Firearms Auction (Informational Post / PSA)

Needs a location

Everyone, I heard from Alfredo !!! He's doing well, having gotten past a medical issue and also gotten past a personal one too. Good things are happening for him, but I'll leave if for 'Fredo to spill the details. Alfredo did send me this ... http://view.imoutdoors-email.com/?qs=e81bb4008c48f7916422e8b9609638fe5dc91f427e0951d01b5f10426cd99143d86fcb447f339f450fcb2bb872f535343999c6ce1ccb8f4fcfdd910fa36c410e389f0ffa7f0f7eb32e3560ac83175250 I'm not buying right now but for anyone interested . . .

Combat Shooting !!!

NorthShore Sports Club


This is a two (2) hour event for which the club charges $30. The good folks at Northshore Sports were talking about making this a room-clearing event. When the date gets closer, I'll call to confirm & post an update. Your skills will be put to the test and strained as you learn the limitations of your own abilities along with weapon issues that may develop from a tactical shooting platform. You can expect to do speed reloads, one handed shooting, immediate action drills to solve malfunctions, and much more. The shooting layout changes every month. It could be rifle, it could be pistol, it could be BOTH. Come prepared with pistol & holster, extra magazines and at least 150 rounds of ammo. 200 would be better. 300 better still. Make sure your gun fits properly in the holster. You wouldn't want for it to get stuck. New members - remember the 6-month rule - this is a GREAT opportunity to get a shooting event under your belt. See you all on the range. Stay safe and keep 'em in the X-ring !!!

Memorial Day EBR (Evil Black Rifle) Wisconsin Outdoor Shoot !!!

Wisconsin Sportsmans Association


Black Rifles Matter !!! Welcome to the EBR (Evil Black Rifle) outdoor shoot. Bring your AR. Bring your AK. Bring your SKS. If the IL progressive anti-2A crowd wants to ban it, BRING IT. Let's shoot some 5.56, 7.62x39, etc., and give the IL progs a case of the vapors. Don't have an EBR? No worries . . . bring what you do have. Ours is an all-inclusive group and we love diversity. Mossberg, Remington, Walther, Canik, Springfield, Savage, Browning, Colt, Weatherby. They're all welcome !!! Don't have a rifle? WSA has plenty of outdoor pistol lanes too - bring your pistols and all the "standard capacity" magazines you can muster. I don't want to see any of those wimpy ten-rounders, unless of course you're shooting something chambered in .45acp. Do you have a special request of something you'd like to try? Post your request in the comments. Have an idea of what you're bringing and are willing to share? Post it in the comments. New members - remember the 6-month rule - this is a GREAT opportunity to get a shooting event under your belt. Here are the range rules for WSA for those who have not been ... https://wisconsinsportsmansassociation.com/rifle-and-pistol-range/#[masked]-c29e0791-1f14 Cost is $30 for the day, payable to Wisconsin Sportsman's See you all on the range. Stay safe and keep 'em in the X-ring !!!

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