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This group is for you if you would like to learn to meditate, strengthen your intuition, tune into the Divine, God, Source... connect with your Higher Self, your Soul, meet like-minded people, learn to use your own healing gifts and intuitive abilities to heal on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically. We are all born with awareness, intuition & the ability to heal ourselves. With desire and practice, anyone can learn to use their gifts.

I host regular, guided meditation groups and a variety of classes, workshops & retreats, where you can learn exactly what your gifts are and how to develop them. Learn to meditate and receive Divine guidance from God, the Universe, Source, Heavenly Mother...to assist you in making decisions that are in your highest and best interest in your daily life. Tune into your own energy body, your Spirit & learn what is necessary to truly heal the source of an imbalance.

We come together, like-minded souls who want to open our hearts, heal, grow spiritually and share our Divine love with the world. By starting with ourselves, with our own self-development and spiritual growth, we collectively raise the consciousness of the planet. I hope you will join me on a path of spiritual wellness and discovery!

If you would like to know a little more about me, my services or classes, please check out my website...


I can't wait to meet you!

Love and light,

Amanda Fresh
Spirit Medium & Intuitive Healer

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Reiki I Certification Class

The Healing House

Join me December 8th from 11-4pm Become a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner. Learn to heal yourself, your friends, family and even pets. Reiki is a laying on of hands touch healing system. It translates to “Universal life force energy”. This energy heals not only the symptom of pain but the root cause of it. It heals on all of the energy layers, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Usui Ryoho is a form of a traditional Reiki which started in the mid 1800’s with a Japanese man, Mikayo Usui, who was searching for the method that Jesus and Buddha used for healing. Reiki is at least 2500 years old. Through a series of hand positions over the body of any living being, region or circumstance, energy is transmitted with intent, through the practitioner and to the desired subject, allowing healing to take place. Because Reiki is pure energy and a connection to Source, it even transcends the illusion of time and can be used to work on unresolved issues from issues in our past. The cost of the class is $150 Preregistration is required, please see link below for more info & to sign up! https://www.freshspiritualwellness.com/reiki-certification-classes

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Guided Meditation / Intuition Class

The Healing House

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