Unleash the Power of Dojo and Introduction to Observables


Unleash the Power of Dojo by Richard Moy and Introduction to Observables


Unleash the Power of Dojo by Richard Moy

Javascript libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue allow developers to create interactive web experience with minimal development. For many applications, these tools provide excellent capabilities with great community support. However, when applications involve complex life cycles with dynamic routing or routerless SPA you need to consider the grand daddy of Javascript frameworks, Dojo. With its flexible architecture and scalability, Dojo provides enterprise developers with many capabilities not available in other frameworks. By combining Dojo with popular CSS and Javascript libraries like Bootstrap, Fontawesome, and Chartjs one can create amazing solutions.

Join Richard Moy from Phora Group for this fast pace learning experience on how to create your own custom widgets/controls using Dojo and extend your set of tools. This session will guide you through the process of creating individual widgets, the pitfalls to watch out for, and how to add them into any Web-based application.

Richard Moy, as Managing Director of Phora Group, Richard brings over 30 years experience in software design and simulation technology. Richard primary focus is on UI Design along with business process analysis and design and data security for small to enterprise organizations. As a principal of Phora Group, Richard is the primary architect of their iPhora series of collaboration and business process automation tools.


Introduction to Observables by Mike Labriola

Michael Labriola is a Senior Consultant and a founder of Digital Primates. He likes languages (both computer and human), functions, wine, and arguing. He generally dislikes unnecessary state, bad wine, and prefers to learn things the hard way. Through intense empirical sessions, it was determined that he is excellent at taking things apart and slightly above average at putting them back together.


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