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Northwest Houston Photo Club Meet Up is somewhat unique in the Houston area. It is a combination of a brick and mortar camera club with a meet up online community. It offers not only a vast accumulation of photographic knowledge to be shared with new photographers but also the flexibility anticipated through the use of the Internet. It offers the more traditional avenues of getting your photographs seen and critiqued as well as an online gallery for posting and commenting.

There are no dues for the ONLINE membership however for those that wish to become part of a more structured brick and mortar camera club there are some definite advantages to being a PAID member. That is all explained in the PAGES tab above. There is already a year’s worth of outings in place in addition to a year’s worth of monthly competitions.

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to browse our site and to let you know that you are welcome at both the monthly shoots as well as at the two monthly meetings. We will do our best to make your interest justified. Look forward to meeting you.

Upcoming events (1)

Photographing a Solar Eclipse

Needs a location

The program originally planned for this date with Armadillo Printing has been moved to later in the year so we can hear from Wayne Wendell on "Photographing a Solar Eclipse” ahead of an opportunity to photograph an annular solar eclipse that will be visible near us (San Antonio and Corpus Christi) later this year.

This program will give you a chance to have the knowledge to practice shooting during the 2023 annular eclipse and perfect your skills for the highly anticipated 2024 total solar eclipse which will also be visible near us (San Antonio). Capturing images of the annular eclipse without the sun’s corona visible, like what occurs during a total eclipse, can also lead to breathtaking photographs.

Wayne will discuss:
• Both two types of solar eclipses
• Where and when to see & photograph the eclipses
• Equipment needed
• Additional subjects other than the sun
• Sequence of photos and what to do with all the photos

There will be door prizes to all who attend!