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Northwest Trail Runners offers a diversity of thoughtful, well-planned trail running experiences designed to engage and enchant trail runners of all ability levels. These include regular Saturday morning runs, longer Sunday adventure runs, local weekday explorations, and some special trail running trips that showcase the treasured wildscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Trail Runners also looks to build a vibrant trail running community, form friendships and adventure ideas, introduce people to the wonders of adventure running, and to actively engage our members in caring for our wild places, open spaces, and public lands.

We look forward to growing and exploring the wild treasures of the Pacific Northwest with you!

Upcoming events (5+)

Holman-Dogwood Loop + Lucky Lab

Holman Lane

Hello Northwest Trail Runners! Let's meet at the bottom of Holman for a nice moderate climb. Relax, we wont be going all the way up Holman. The route is 5 miles with ~700 ft of climbing. We'll meet at the corner of Aspen and Raleigh. After the run we'll enjoy a cold one at Lucky Lab. Route Directions • Head up Holman, turn right onto Wildwood trail • Go north on the Wildwood trail until you get to Wild Cherry • Turn left up Wild Cherry • Take Wild Cherry up to the top, continue on Keil Trail • Go down Keil until it hits the Wildwood after only a few hundred meters • Turn right onto Wildwood, until you get to Dogwood • Turn left down Dogwood until you hit Leif Erikson • Turn right onto Leif Erikson, follow it until you go out of the park • Follow Thurman for about 200 meters, turn right onto Aspen • Follow Aspen back to the start Route Map: https://www.strava.com/routes/18931380 We'll meet for a cold beverage and stories at the Lucky Lab afterwards. 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209 Safety: Part of the route is on city streets, so obey all traffic laws.

Hump Day Hill Day Mavericks Mile Mishap

BPA Road

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver • “I thought maybe I would use my one wild and precious life to run up and down hills” ~Sean • DO NOT join us on Wednesday, May 22nd for a very special Hump Day Hill Day: the Mavericks Mile Mishap ! • This is a terrible idea... DON’T DO IT !!! I will be very disappointed with you if you show up for this. If you still insist on showing up after I told you not to, then read on... • We will be doing three laps of the Mavericks Mile Mishap. Each lap is 0.8 miles with 900' feet of climbing. The “run” will be 2.4 miles with 2,700’ of vert. The course is pretty much not scenic, unless you are really into clear-cut, blackberry-choked utility easements. It is very steep, with little chance to gain any sense of rhythm on the climbs or on the descents. The footing mostly sucks. You will posthole through blackberry stumps and damage whatever you are wearing. This is a pointless endeavor, and there is a very good chance this will be your least favorite run ever. • After meeting at the Newton Road/Lower BPA Trailhead, we will walk up BPA to the BPA offshoot. Then the official “run” begins. Starting at the bend of the BPA offshoot, the route is very simple to navigate: you follow the transmission line easement westward to Fireline 12, then you turn around and come back. Hey, you won’t get lost! • Sound awful?? Great! Cya there! Let's meet at the Newton Road/Lower BPA Trailhead at 6:30pm. The trailhead is just west of Linnton on the south side of Highway 30. • Afterwards we shall go to Skyline Tavern and reflect upon the rapid decline of our individual and collective common sense. • End: Hill Transmission

Holman Heaven

2999 NW Upshur St

Hello Northwest Trail Runners! Let's run all the way UP Holman again :) This is basically an up and down with a little around. Length: 5.15 miles. Elevation: 956 ft. Meet at Lower Macleay Park under the pavilion. (2999 NW Upshur). The route: - We'll make our way up lower Macleay trail. - Take a sharp right at the Stone House and head up the Wildwood Trail. - Turn left on Holman Lane and continue all the way to 53rd Dr. - At 53rd make a right. We'll be running along side the road for a bit until we reach the Birch Trail. At this point we'll re-group before our descent. - Down the Birch Trail. - Right on the Wildwood Trail. - Sharp left at the Stone House and continue down Lower Macleay back to the Pavilion. Afterwards we'll steam up the Clearing Cafe, 2772 NW Thurman Street. Link to the route: https://www.strava.com/routes/17404313

Memorial Day Run and/or BBQ at Cathedral Park - families welcome!

Hello Northwest Trail Runners! Join us at Cathedral Park on Memorial Day for an afternoon run and/or BBQ. Family and friends are welcome to participate in the festivities. 2:00pm meet and greet: We will begin to gather in the northwest section of the park to greet and setup chairs and blankets. 2:15pm run: Shawn will lead a 6.8-mile run over the St John’s Bridge into Forest Park for the runners. https://www.strava.com/routes/18941455 3:15pm BBQ: Arne will fire up his grills for the eaters. What to bring for the BBQ: • Something to grill (hamburger, bun, veggie skewers, …) • Something to share (appetizer, side, dessert, beverage, …) • Something to eat and drink with (plate, fork, cup, …) • Something to sit on (blanket, chair, …) • Something to play (frisbee, kite, bocce ball, …) More details will be posted the day of (exact location, parking tips, etc).

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MapleWood Loop

Lower Saltzman Road Trailhead

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