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Northwest Trail Runners offers a diversity of trail running experiences designed to engage trail runners of all ability levels. These include Saturday morning and Tuesday evening runs in Forest Park or other trails around Portland, adventure runs in the gorge or other scenic locations, and trail running trips that showcase the treasured wildscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Tuesday and Saturday runs are generally 5 - 7 miles long with a variety of paces and experience. Our adventure runs are more challenging in both length and elevation and are targeted towards more seasoned runners.

Northwest Trail Runners also looks to build a vibrant trail running community, form friendships and adventure ideas, introduce people to the wonders of adventure running, and to actively engage our members in caring for our wild places, open spaces, and public lands.

We look forward to growing and exploring the wild treasures of the Pacific Northwest with you!

Upcoming events (4+)

Zoo to Pittock Mansion

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Hello Northwest Trail Runners!

At about 7 miles, this route is a bit longer than our usual Saturday runs, but it’s worth it as it takes us through diverse and varied terrain then pops out at Pittock Mansion for one of the best views on this side of town. We’ll meet at the Washington Park Veteran’s parking lot which is the next parking area up the hill from the zoo. If you want to carpool, meeting at the Clearing Café is a good option since we will go there for our after party.

Clearing Café
2772 NW Thurman St.

Please note: there will be a small fee to park at the Washington Park Veteran’s parking lot which can be paid with cash/card at the meter or using Parking Kitty (https://www.parkingkitty.com/).

Here’s the route:

  • Run on Wildwood Trail ~3.5 miles
  • At the Pittock Mansion parking lot go down through the parking lot to the Pittock Mansion lookout
  • Enjoy the view
  • Run 3.5 miles back the way we came until we get to the Washington Park Veteran’s parking lot
  • Congratulations, you completed your run!

Timberline Training Run #2 of 3-CRGNSA @ Horsetail Falls

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This will be the 2nd of 3 "official" training runs for the Oct. 1st Timberline circumnav. We're going to stick to the Gorge (because why not?), and run a classic 18 mile loop with about 5,000 feet of elevation gain. It's pretty much a straight up and down loop, which will be good for working those sexy legs and glutes.

NOTE: If this is your first outing/rsvp with the group, I may send you a private message asking for a short introduction and running experience. Just a precaution to ensure that this description was properly read. Thank you.

We'll meet at the Horsetail Falls parking lot a bit before 8am (please try and get there a few minutes early). The new Scenic Hwy permit system does not go into effect until 9am, so no permit or pass is required at this location at this time. If driving, I would take the typical precautions with securing your possessions in your car, given the break-in history of PNW trailheads (although it should be safer with the new permits and check points). Carpooling will be available, and I'll post my offering in the comments below.

This will be a longer run, and I would plan for being out for 4 hours. Please make sure you have the necessary gear (water, food/fuel, bear repellent, etc.). There will be water (streams/creeks) along the way, in case refills are needed.

We will start by heading up Horsetail Falls trail, connecting with Oneonta and taking that all the way up Franklin Ridge to the summit of Larch Mtn (and Sherrard Pt), then head down, down, down Larch Mtn trail, turning on to the 400 trail on the last switch back near the base of Multnomah Falls. We'll turn off 400 at the Oneonta trailhead, run by the closed Oneonta Gorge, back to the parking area.

Here's the (unintentionally shaped, although I gave it a name which is probably not Meetup appropriate;-) Strava route...

The last of the 3 training outings will be on Sunday, September 11th. Right now we are looking at an epic 25 mile run in the Tillamook State Forest (trying to plan it where we run through the middle of a prison, but we'll see). This will give the legs 3 weeks to regenerate prior to the big outing on October 1st. Yay!

Uhhh, questions, comments? See you all on the 21st! Probably stop by Troutdale Station (https://www.troutdalestation.com/) on the way home, for those wanting refreshments and nibbles.

Take care, and hope everyone's summer is going well!

Springville Waterline Ridge Hardesty Loop

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Hello Northwest Trail Runners!

Let's return to the Springville Road Trailhead! This week's run is 5.31 miles with 664 feet of elevation gain. From the trailhead:

• Down Springville
• Left on Wildwood
• Right on Waterline
• Right on Leif Erikson
• Right on Ridge
• Keep right to stay on Wildwood
• Left on Hardesty
• Right on Firelane 7
• Back to starting point


Lower Macleay, Wildwood, and Birch + Lucky Lab NW Quimby

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Hello Northwest Trail Runners!

Join us at Lower Macleay Park for a 6-ish-mile out and back adventure with 875 feet of gain. We will snake our way through Forest Park and crest at NW 53rd Drive, then return the way we came to the start.

Afterwards we’ll enjoy beer and a bite at Lucky Lab on NW Quimby St.

Here’s the route:

• Start on Lower Macleay Trail | .8 miles
• Right on Wildwood at the stone house| 2 miles
• Left on Birch at the bench | .2 miles
• Regroup at NW 53rd drive
• Back down Birch |.2 miles
• Right on Wildwood | 2 miles
• Left on Lower Macleay Trail | .8 miles

Route map: https://www.strava.com/routes/19863044

See you there!

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Holman Heaven

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