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What we’re about

Northwest Nature & Wildlife Photography is group for photographers of all skill levels. We desire to share nature, wildlife and photography, photographic learning and outdoor outings.

This group is led by Noel Nic'Fergusson, an established 30+ year professional wildlife and wilderness photographer, who travels and photographs remote regions from Arctic to Antarctica. An experienced lecturer, naturalist and field guide.

We often rise early, linger till sunset, travel further as the seasons draw us out into landscapes and wildlife migrations. Plan on day hikes, over-nighters, car camping and occasional trips that may include B&B's.

Getting a great wildlife or nature shot takes patience and time. A cold crisp day photographing Snowy Owls, arriving on location for the sunset on Mt. Baker with wintering Snow Goose in flight, exploring the fall colors over the Cascade Hwy.

Lets get together, share, learn and explore.