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What we’re about

Northwest Danish Association is a non-profit organization headquartered in Seattle, WA. We work to connect you with Danish culture in the Pacific Northwest! 

The Northwest Danish Association enriches community life experience through cultural exchange and social outreach. We preserve our shared Danish heritage in the Pacific Northwest through hosting and sponsoring a variety of events and programs for all generations, including concerts, traditional Danish holiday celebrations, educational camps, and more. We also provide scholarship programs and an eldercare program. 

We know that Denmark is a small country with a lot to offer. Our goal is to share this knowledge with the Pacific Northwest and beyond, while building international understanding and fostering cross-cultural exchange between Denmark and the U.S. 

Denmark is often known as the happiest nation in the world with its high quality of life. The country has long been a leader and an example in sustainability and green living, while Danish architecture, cinema, and design remain well-known across the world. These are but a few of the many values and strengths we find in Danish society and culture.

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