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The Northwestern Queens Paranormal Research Group (NQPRG) has recently been named as one of the top two paranormal meetups in the metro region by meetup.com. We were beat out of number one by a group of UFO Enthusiasts. Isn't it crazy what some people believe? None-the-less, that makes us the number one meetup dedicated to exploring the afterlife.

This is a group for individuals in the Tri-state region who are interested in exploring all aspects of the afterlife and those parts of nature that some perceive and understand as being "paranormal". The NQPRG, on the other hand, considers that certain things that others label paranormal are perfectly normal parts of nature and as such we seek them out, explore them, and do our best to interpret the events that we encounter.

The NQPRG is a collective of Professional Paranormal Research Groups (PRGs), Paranormal Investigative Teams (PITs), Individuals Researchers (of all levels of expertise), those with special physical and mental gifts, and enthusiasts that want to learn about the paranormal and to become investigators or develop their gifts themselves.

Our only rule is that a member must strictly adhere to the scientific method and be willing and able to apply critical thinking skills in order to truly understand the phenomena that we have experienced either individually or through group investigations/meetups.

While The NQPRG is primarily a Paranormal Investigative Team, our mission is to reach out to as many people interested in the paranormal through educational outreach. We bring together the beginner and the experienced as we explore the paranormal together. We do this by providing free workshops in basic and advanced paranormal investigation techniques and spiritual development. We brings together various paranormal professionals and enthusiasts who can share experiences and techniques.

Apart from monthly social gatherings where we will discuss our experiences and compare investigation notes, we will also explore various free and low cost venues where we can conduct investigations and explore the paranormal and supernatural aspects of the Greater New York/Tri-state Metro Area. All NQPRG all events will FREE to all members and friends of the meetup.

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“…Try as man might ghosts can’t be explained away, nor will they disappear. They continue to appear frequently all over the world, to young and old, to rich and poor, in old houses and in new, on airports and in streets, and where ever tragedy strikes man"
—Douglas Hill

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