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Are you interested in foreign languages and culture, and looking for the opportunity to meet like-minded people, practise your conversation skills in a relaxed atmosphere, and make friends in the process?? Then read on.

Originally set up as a group for all languages, it turned out that there were only enough people speaking French, Italian and Spanish who came regularly. The busy organisers began to run multi-language meetups for these 3 Romance languages - which proved popular (as those who speak more than 1 can practise whichever they feel like), so this has continued. If any members wish to arrange additional meetups (such as single-language ones), we can make you an Event Organiser to do this; just contact Andrew to express an interest, and for tips on how to arrange a successful meetup.

We aim to be a friendly and inclusive group that caters for all levels of language experience. Therefore, speakers anywhere from complete beginner to native level are welcome to come (even just to listen, depending on your competence & confidence). It's a casual group and we encourage you to move round and chat to different people. We expect that members will be welcoming to and respectful of others, regardless of their social situation, language level etc.

We don't charge to join the group or attend events - but a donation of £1 per meetup, to help us cover the costs of running the group (Meetup subscription fees), is much appreciated. You can put this in the little collection tin/pouch that will be visible at officially-organised meetups. We also really appreciate your participation and feedback, to make this a group that everyone can enjoy.

We look forward to speaking with you at future events, and happy chatting!

• Andrew (main organiser)
• Nicola J (Event organiser)
• Isla (official organiser in name only; now living elsewhere)

Upcoming events (2)

Chat in the park

Needs a location

Join us for a summer meet up in Eaton Park and enjoy speaking French/Spanish/Italian...or all 3! We'll make the most of the outdoor space and sit on the grass if it's fine. So please bring chairs, blankets... whatever you want to sit on.

Meet us in the bandstand area in the middle of the park. If you arrive a bit late, then look out for us on the playing fields (near the cafe and middle avenue of trees). The official end time is 5.30 but if you're having fun, please of course feel free to stay longer!

It would be much appreciated if you could respect the needs of any members who may still be more cautious with regards to covid risk. I personally am still wearing a mask and distancing. Please do not attend if you have any covid symptoms.

If the weather was inclement, we'll reschedule. But if it's only slightly drizzly etc, we can usually find some space under cover. If you need refreshments, it's best to arrive early as the cafe shuts at 4.

There is car parking both ends of Eaton Park and the 25 bus route runs close by.

Optional £1 donation for attendance (to cover group running costs).

August's Sunday Multi-Language Meetup

Needs a location

If you're comfortable to meet and chat in person, please come and join us for a friendly and informal indoor meetup.

Cafe Bar Marzano seems to be a very convenient and popular place to have our monthly language practice meetup. As usual we will have separate tables for those wanting to speak (or just listen) in each language. It's not possible to reserve tables at Marzano so we will have to be flexible about grabbing tables as we need them. Nonetheless, it's very helpful if you can please RSVP if you intend to come (and cancel your spot if you can't make it).

Optional £1 donation for attendance (to cover group running costs); there will be a pot on a table you can pop it in.

Look out for the flags & meetup signs when you arrive.
I look forward to seeing you there!

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Chat in the park

Needs a location

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