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For beginner runners, casual runners, and experienced runners who are looking to meet new people, get some exercise, and have well earned brunches, dinners, happy hours (and more!) with new friends. Come run with us!

We are always beginner friendly and make it a point to make sure no one feels like they are left behind!

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Not So Serious Work-out and Run - Fun Run!

6th Avenue & Central Park South

It's a Thursday night work-out & running party in Central Park!

This workout and run is for anyone with any level of running and fitness level who wants to improve their fitness and burn some calories, while hanging out with some cool peeps.

We will meet at 59th st and 6th ave corner at 7:00 pm where the citi bikes are. We'll have a warm up, work-out (about 15 mins), run for 2, 3, or 4 miles (or more if you are super motivated). We will then meet back at the same spot for a group cool down and stretch at the end. Then it's off for a snack and chat nearby.

You are welcome to join the run at 7:15 pm.

[The not-so-fun but necessary fine print]:
Attending and doing any part of the workout or running is at your own risk. No guarantees are made about weather or route conditions, so please check for yourself and only run if you are comfortable. The hosts do not offer any first aid, water, or other type of support you might find at a race, so please come prepared. Please do not attend if you feel sick. Also note that we try to enforce Covid best practices but cannot make guarantees around exposure to members, so only attend if you are comfortable with the risk of meeting new people.

If you have any issues or concerns with a run event or a group member's behavior, please reach out to Bryan or the event host.

2 mile route:

3 mile route:

4 mile route:

Not So Serious Saturday Long Runs

Location visible to members

Train slow to race fast! We are excited to have more and more of our club members embarking on their training journey to race in many half and full marathons in 2022. All training programs recommend at least one long run per week, why not do it together in Central Park?

Location and time: The regular 6th Ave and 59th meeting location at 9:15 AM on Saturday.

Route: In the first 5 miles, we will go North on East Dr., then use 102nd St Crossing to merge on to West Dr. and head South. By the end of the 5th mile we will join our big Saturday running group for an addition 3-6 miles.

The total distance will be 8-11 miles depending on weather and group consensus. We will try to keep a conversational pace of 9-10 minute mile.

Not So Serious Saturday Fun Run Central Park & Coffee Talk

Central Park S & Center Drive

Who needs caffeine in the AM when you have running?! Set the right tone for the weekend or recover from your Friday night hangover with a Saturday morning run.

Join us for a 2, 3, or 4 mile run (or whatever distance you're comfortable with) in Central Park. All levels/speeds/distances are welcome.

We will do a group stretch before and after the run and an optional 10 minute HIT workout at the end.

Runners can then meet for a post-run, social distanced (can't wait to delete this phrase from my vocabulary) coffee, and perhaps donut (you earned it!).

2 mile route:

3 mile route:

4 mile route:

**Disclaimer for Covid times: we keep masks on while we're gathering and making introductions, but most remove their masks during the run, as it's possible to maintain distance once we hit the pavement. Also, we are currently not organizing any official coffee after the run but feel free to stretch and interact while maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask.

Not So Serious Bouldering and Saturday Afternoon Chillaxing (Round 5)

VITAL Climbing Gym - Brooklyn

We enjoyed it on Friday night. Let's try it Saturday afternoon.

3 PM - 6ish PM Bouldering at Vital Gym. All levels welcomed. It's OK if you come late; just join us when you can. ($35 entry pass) Shower or Not at Vital, then . . .

6 PM - 9 PM Drinks, Snacks, and Chat

Text me with questions or profound insights.


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Tuesday Evening Run - all levels welcome

Bethesda Terrace

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