May Meetup - Design Thinking Dad* Why I take work home (and you should too)

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Over the last year, Design Thinking Dad (DTD) has been on a transformational personal journey — from a 'Digital Designer' trapped by waterfall delivery, to a 'Design Thinker' working in a fast-paced agile environment.

In this talk, he'll share what he learned and show how, armed with only an abundant supply of post-it notes, he's using Design Thinking at work to empower creative teams and in his personal life to tackle the everyday challenges of being a parent.

This refreshing and light-hearted talk will help you to:

- understand the ‘human skills’ you’ll need to ensure you’re ‘robot proof’
- identify your everyday ‘pain-points’ and generate creative solutions to overcome them
- quickly and easily co-create awesome experiences with your colleagues, family and friends

And perhaps most importantly, he’ll attempt to answer the ultimate question — how should you respond when kids ask "are we nearly there yet?"

You don’t have to be a Dad or even a parent to enjoy this talk. DTD will share practical tips on how to use Design Thinking mindsets and methods to lead a more meaningful, creative and joy filled life (it just so happens that his biggest pain-points are his kids.)

About the speaker
Paul Bailey is a UX consultant, full time human maker (father of 4) and co-host of Notts Techfast.

He’s been planning, prototyping and designing digital products and services for over 20 years and has created innovative solutions for some of the UK’s largest organisations and government departments.

A self-confessed Typothermiac and a bit of a geek, when not thinking about human centred design he spends his time coming up with ingenious ways to entertain his kids whilst robot proofing them for the 4th Industrial revolution.


* Dad jokes and dancing will be kept to a minimum.

Free pizza and a beer or two will also be available.

N.B. Our lovely hosts at the Capital One Software Studio will pre-arrange access/passes for everyone coming, so be sure to RSVP!

For security reasons, we must have your full name so that you can gain access to the room. You will need some form of ID and your name will be matched to the list. Please update your profile with your full name if you are attending this event. About the Software Studio...

Our Software Studio is the beating digital heart of Capital One. It’s here we create the accessible, user-friendly products and services that make life easier and better for our customers. We’re a customer-focused business, so we’re always thinking about new ways to enhance their experience. Which is where this new facility comes into its own.

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