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What Mysteries Are There?
What mysteries are there? What is mysterious and unknown in this world, whether human or natural, near or far, ancient or modern, physical or supernatural, large scale or small, well known or little known? I will work through the many categories of mysteries currently pondered by those interested in such subjects, and on the way we will look at ancient civilisations, historical and scientific puzzles, the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOs and aliens, conspiracies, and more besides. ("My Life Is All But Over... And I Am Quite Certain...")

Falcon Inn

1 Alfreton Rd Canning Circus island · Nottingham


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The Nottingham Esoteric & Mysteries Group is for anyone interested in esoterica, occultism, spirituality, the supernatural, psychism, mysteries, UFOlogy, conspiracy, and all similar alternative subjects.
A full list of things we could cover would be huge. If you're into any of these things at all, this is the group for you! We will put on regular meetings both social and educational, and members can suggest and volunteer to organise their own events as well. If you have any ideas please join and tell us.

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