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The IoC (Internet of Computers) in spite of having humans involved at many key points has a myriad of problems with security, safety, hacking, updates, bugs and so forth but this is nothing compared to the rapidly coming IoT (Internet of Things) where potentially hundreds of millions of devices that are key to our everyday well being are wired up with no humans in the loop.

Its very nature and the aspects of it's upsides, downsides, implementation, maintenance, oversight, security and safety are all being made up as we go along but by whom?

If you are still wondering about IoT then for example the recent DDoS attack on Dyn was largely made from Digital Cameras, Baby Alarms, Home Thermostats etc. with a Botnet that has been released into the wild by the Hacker group that wrote it. I wondered if there might be interest in a meetup for those involved and those interested where the Issues, the Technologies, the Languages, the Protocols, the Hardware, the Uses, the Benefits, the Dangers, the Security etc. can be discussed so people involved can explain and expound on what they are attempting and those not directly involved can learn more.

If you would be interested in attending, talking, demonstrating or just listening and learning please join and make suggestions.

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[Online] Derek Woodroffe - Tesla Coils + Eleanor Tang - The Rise of Smart Bins

Notts IoT is back... And we're online! Sponsored by PJG Creations Ltd, Stkrs & JetBrains. About the Event: We'll be kicking off at 18:30 for an open networking chat on Zoom, before kicking our talks off at 7PM. You can join the Zoom Meeting by simply going to the following URL & following the Prompts; https://bit.ly/nottsiotjuly2020 We'll be password protecting the meetup to help prevent "ZoomBombing". We'll be sending out an email to people that have RSVP'd around 5.30pm UK Time on the day, so make sure to check your emails! Before that, do feel free to head over to https://zoom.us & create yourself an account as well as downloading the client to your favourite machine! We'll also be streaming the Meetup on YouTube. We'll tweet out the link as soon as we know what it is! If you struggle at all, then get in touch ASAP so we can help! What we'll be doing: Derek Woodroffe - Tesla Coils Derek will be talking about and demoing a few pieces of High Voltage equipment! We'll be discussing; Tesla Coils, High Voltage Multipliers, Van de Graaff’s, Wimshurst Machines, Violet Ray Machines, Induction Coils, and many other high voltage devices Eleanor Tang - Sensing Change: The Rise Of The Smart Bins Have you ever tried to jenga an empty coffee cup into an already full street litter bin and wondered whether someone will empty it before it’s doing a merry jig down the street? Have you looked outside of a business and thought: Surely they don’t need that many bins…!? Dumpster dive with me into the world of waste analytics, where we unpack your habits through your empty crisp packets. Our speakers: Derek Woodroffe: Derek was brought up on electronics. At an early age he was introduced to TTL logic and computing, even before the PET and ZX80 were available. His father was a ex-radar engineer who became an electronics repair man, who covered TV, radio, record players, and cassette players. For his father, electronics was a hobby that turned into his profession. His father's enthusiasm directed his own interest. After that, he spent ten Years in telecoms, and seven years as an Electronics/Software engineer in a theatrical/disco lighting company. After that he became a self employed programmer/computer engineer. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExtElec Website: https://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/ Eleanor Tang: With no prior experience in the waste industry Eleanor was initially enticed by the 6 weeks vacation intro training in Nashville TN with a Finnish tech start up. Three years down the line she’s helping councils and commercial businesses to improve waste management efficiency, hit recycling targets and reduce carbon emissions. She also now has a favourite type of bin! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eleanor-tang-488738a0/ Swag: We'll be giving away a JetBrains license to one lucky attendee!

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