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The IoC (Internet of Computers) in spite of having humans involved at many key points has a myriad of problems with security, safety, hacking, updates, bugs and so forth but this is nothing compared to the rapidly coming IoT (Internet of Things) where potentially hundreds of millions of devices that are key to our everyday well being are wired up with no humans in the loop.

Its very nature and the aspects of it's upsides, downsides, implementation, maintenance, oversight, security and safety are all being made up as we go along but by whom?

If you are still wondering about IoT then for example the recent DDoS attack on Dyn was largely made from Digital Cameras, Baby Alarms, Home Thermostats etc. with a Botnet that has been released into the wild by the Hacker group that wrote it. I wondered if there might be interest in a meetup for those involved and those interested where the Issues, the Technologies, the Languages, the Protocols, the Hardware, the Uses, the Benefits, the Dangers, the Security etc. can be discussed so people involved can explain and expound on what they are attempting and those not directly involved can learn more.

If you would be interested in attending, talking, demonstrating or just listening and learning please join and make suggestions.

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[Online] Peter Shaw - Low Level USB with .NET

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[Online] Laurent Ellerbach - My Internet of Things Journey

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