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[Online] Jon Skeet - Exploring a Drum Kit - Dave Stapley - Building Johnny 5

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Mica B. and Peter G.
[Online] Jon Skeet - Exploring a Drum Kit - Dave Stapley - Building Johnny 5


Notts IoT is back... And we're online!

Sponsored by PJG Creations Ltd, Stkrs & JetBrains.

About the Event:

We'll be kicking off at 18:30 for an open networking chat on Zoom, before kicking our talks off at 7PM.

You can join the Zoom Meeting by simply going to the following URL & following the Prompts;

We'll be password protecting the meetup to help prevent "ZoomBombing". We'll be sending out an email to people that have RSVP'd around 5.30pm UK Time on the day, so make sure to check your emails!

Before that, do feel free to head over to & create yourself an account as well as downloading the client to your favourite machine!

We'll also be streaming the Meetup on YouTube.

We'll tweet out the link as soon as we know what it is!

If you struggle at all, then get in touch ASAP so we can help!

What we'll be doing:

Jon Skeet - Crash, bang, wallop: miscellaneous lessons from exploring a drum kit.

Last summer Jon bought an electronic drum kit. He's thoroughly enjoying playing it (badly - His words not ours!) but he's spent even more time talking to the kit over a USB MIDI connection, in an application which allows you to load, edit and save the drum kit configuration. Personal projects are always fertile grounds for learning and reflecting, unburdened by deadlines and other external forces.

This session will look at specific aspects of the (C#) code - particularly mutability and efficiency - but more importantly, we'll reflect together on the nature of personal projects and how we can use them to become more effective in our professional coding lives.

(Drumming not included, for everyone's benefit.)

Dave Stapley - Building Johnny 5

Dave will be talking about his experiences building a working full size replica of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

Our speakers:

Jon Skeet:

Jon Skeet is a Staff Software Engineer at Google, working from the London office on the Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET. He's probably better known for his contributions on Stack Overflow and his book, C# in Depth.


Dave Stapley:

Dave is a Guitar Player and Robot Builder from North Wales.



We'll be giving away a JetBrains license to one lucky attendee!