[Online] Microsoft IoT special with Benjamin Cabé and Pamela Cortez


Notts IoT is back... And we're online!

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About the Event:

We'll be kicking off at 18:30 for an open networking chat on Zoom, before kicking our talks off at 7PM.

You can join the Zoom Meeting by simply going to the following URL & following the Prompts;


We'll be password protecting the meetup to help prevent "ZoomBombing". We'll be sending out an email to people that have RSVP'd around 5.30pm UK Time on the day, so make sure to check your emails!

Before that, do feel free to head over to https://zoom.us & create yourself an account as well as downloading the client to your favourite machine!

We'll also be streaming the Meetup on YouTube.

We'll tweet out the link as soon as we know what it is!

If you struggle at all, then get in touch ASAP so we can help!

What we'll be doing:

This month we have Microsoft IoT special. We'll be joined by Benjamin Cabé - Principle Program Manager and Pamela Cortez - Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft IoT team!

We'll be covering all sorts of topics around Microsoft IoT so come along for an evening of Microsoft IoT goodness!

Our speakers:

Benjamin Cabé:

Benjamin is a Program Manager & Technical Evangelist with 14 years of experience
working in Open Source and loT.

Benjamin grew a vibrant open source community of hundreds of developers and dozens of deeply engaged companies from scratch

Benjamin has strong public speaking and communication skills, with speaking
engagements at many high profile conferences (developer as well as business-focused) over the years

Twitter: https:// twitter.com/kartben

Pamela Cortez:

Pamela focuses on loT developer and partner global programs for Microsoft Azure loT.

Her specialities are loT, maker community, developer advocacy, electrical engineering, hackathons, workshops, security,
programming, and outreach.

Driving open source contributions
and awareness for Microsoft, are the best parts of her day!

Pamela is also a speaker and planner for many different conferences like Linux Foundation's Open loT Summits and represent Microsoft at White
House Week of Making events.

Before Microsoft, Pamela was the Connected Devices Developer, Advocate and Hack Ninja at SparkFun.

At SparkFun, she focused on outreach,
teaching open source hardware and software, coding, events, and technical documentation.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/altaohms


We'll be giving away a JetBrains license to one lucky attendee!